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2013 Hustle Belt All-MAC Football Team

Here at Hustle Belt we know MAC football. By knowing it, we made up a team of honorees to comprise the best of the best in the MAC. Our team is certainly better than the team the coaches selected.

Kirk Irwin

We like to honor the MAC athletes here at Hustle Belt; so we decided to team up and vote on an All-MAC football team. We may not be the coaches that vote on the "real" one, but I bet our team is better than theirs!

We had 'Belt contributors submit a ballot for 11 offensive players (1 QB, 1RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, 5 Offensive Lineman), 11 defensive players (3 DL, 3 LB, 4 DB,1 Flex), and 4 special teams players. A vote for the first team was worth 2 points, and a vote for the second team was worth 1 point. The players with the most points at each position were put on teams accordingly. If there was a tie with points, the player with the most first place votes won the tie-breaker.

The teams had numerous unanimous voted players, they will be listed with an asterisk. Here’s how the team shaped out.

1st Team Offense 1st Team Defense
QB Jordan Lynch, NIU* DL Roosevelt Nix, Kent State
RB Brandon Oliver, Buffalo* DL Jayrone Elliot, Toledo
OL Tyler Loos, NIU* DL Jonathan Newsome, Ball State
OL Dominic Flewellyn, Bowling Green* LB Khalil Mack, Buffalo*
OL Jared Volk, NIU LB Justin Cherroci, Central Michigan
OL Zac Kerin, Toledo LB Junior Sylvestre, Toledo
OL Jordan Hansel, Ball State DB Jimmie Ward, Northern Illinois*
WR Willie Snead, Ball State* DB Dayonne Nunley, Miami
WR Titus Davis, Central Michigan DB Naija Johnson, Buffalo
Flex Tommylee Lewis, Northern Illinois DB Malachai Freeman, Akron
Flex Travis Greene, Bowling green Flex DJ Lynch, Bowling Green

1st Team Special Teams
Punter Zac Murphy, Miami*
Kicker Jeremiah Detmer, Toledo
Kick Returner Jamil Smith, Ball State
Punt Returner Devin Campbell, Buffalo

And now for the runners-up:

2nd Team Offense 2nd Team Defense
QB Keith Wenning, Ball State DL Nathan Ollie, Ball State
RB David Fluellen, Toledo DL Ken Bishop Northern Illinois
OL Chief Kekuewa, Bowling Green DL George Rainey, Northern Illinois
OL Greg Mancz, Toledo LB Jamaal Bass, Northern Illinois
OL Antohny Dima, UMass LB Chase Murdock, Toledo
OL Andy Phillips, Central Michigan LB Gabe Martin, Bowling Green
OL Nick Beamish, Buffalo DB Dechane Durante, Northern Illinois
WR Alex Neutz, Buffalo DB Jeff Garrett, Ball State
WR Bernard Reedy, Toledo DB Justin Currie, Western Michigan
Flex Da'Ron Brown, Northern Illinois DB Xavier Hughes, Ohio
Flex Jahwan Edwards, Ball State Flex Travonte Boles, Western Michigan

2nd Team Special Teams
Punter Richie Hogan, Central Michigan
Kicker Andrew Haldeman, Western Michigan
Kick Returner Bernard Reedy, Toledo
Punt Returner Jamill Smith, Ball State

A few notes:

  • There were 8 unanimous first team selections (noted with an *)
  • NIU led the team with 10 players
  • EMU didn’t have a player selected.
  • Interestingly enough, Jordan Lynch was a unanimous 1st teamer, but Keith Wenning was not a unanimous 2nd teamer at QB
  • The West had 33 slections. The East had 19 selections.
  • 3 players were awarded USA Today All-American selections (Jimmie Ward, NIU 1st Team safety, Jordan Lynch, NIU 2nd Team quarterback, Khalil Mack Buffalo 2nd Team linebacker).

What are your thoughts on our team? Did someone get left off that you think was deserving, perhaps you think someone got too much credit. Let us know below.