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A list of MAC NFL draftees and undrafted free agents

In addition to the seven players taken in the NFL Draft, a couple dozen more "leftovers" have reached agreements with pro teams of their choosing.

Martel Moore is jumping from the Orange Bowl to the Georgia Dome.
Martel Moore is jumping from the Orange Bowl to the Georgia Dome.
Chris Trotman

It's that wonderful time where all those former faces of MAC football are going into the NFL with a dream at cracking a 53-man roster. It ain't easy and most of them, sadly, won't make it. But they're going to try, and that's the point.

Here's our as-up-to-date-as-we-have-tried list of all former MAC players who have inked pro contracts in some fashion. All undrafted free agents will be sourced, because the Internet is a terrible place designed to lie to you.

Akron (3)
Dalton Williams, QB (Cowboys, UDFA) (source)
Quentin Hines, RB (Patriots, UDFA) (source)
Adam Steiner, LS (Raiders, UDFA) (source)

Ball State (2)
Austin Holtz, OT (Lions, UDFA) (source)
Kitt O'Brien, OL (Giants, UDFA) (source)
Scott Kovanda, P (Bengals, UDFA) (source)

Bowling Green (2)
Chris Jones, DT (Texans, 6th round)
Jordon Roussos, OG (Seahawks, UDFA) (source)

Buffalo (3)
Steven Means, DE (Buccaneers, 5th round)
Willie Moseley, LB (Buccaneers, UDFA) (source)
Gokhan Ozkan, OT (Jets, UDFA) (source)

Central Michigan (5)
Eric Fisher, OT (Chiefs, 1st round)
Jahleel Addae, S (Chargers, UDFA) (source)
Cody Wilson, WR (Lions, UDFA) (source)
Ryan Radcliff, QB (Redskins, tryout) (source)
Mike Repovz, OT (Redskins, tryout) (source)

Eastern Michigan (7)
Mike Zupancic, LS (Patriots, UDFA) (source)
Andy Mulumba, DL (Packers, UDFA) (source)
Garrett Hoskins, TE (Browns, UDFA) (source)
Jay Karutz, P (Bears, tryout) (source)
Korey Neal, OL (Redskins, tryout) (source)
Alex Gillett, WR (Redskins, tryout) (source)
Justin Cudworth, LB (Chargers, tryout) (source)

Kent State (2)
Brian Winters, OL (Jets, 3rd round)
Josh Kline, OL (Patriots, UDFA) (source)

Miami (Ohio) (2)
Zac Dysert, QB (Broncos, 7th round)
Andy Cruse, WR (Texans, UDFA) (source)

Massachusetts (4)
Michael Cox (Giants, 7th round)
Stephane Milhim, OL (Jaguars, UDFA) (source)
Nick Speller, OL (Buccaneers, UDFA) (source)
Darren Thellen, S (Giants, tryout) (source)

Northern Illinois (5)
Perez Ashford, WR (Browns, UDFA) (source)
Alan Baxter, DT (Steelers, UDFA) (source)
Rashaan Melvin, DB (Buccaneers, UDFA) (source)
Martel Moore, WR (Falcons, UDFA) (source)
Sean Progar, DE (Jets, UDFA) (source)

Ohio (5)
Eric Herman, OL (Giants, 7th round)
Skyler Allen, C (Lions, UDFA) (source)
Neal Huynh, DL (Falcons, UDFA) (source)
Jordan Thompson, TE/LS (Chiefs, tryout) (source)
Gerald Moore, S (Raiders, tryout) (source)

Toledo (4)
Dan Molls, LB (Chargers, UDFA) (source)
T.J. Fatinikun, DE (Chiefs, tryout) (source)
Jermaine Robinson, S (Chiefs, tryout) (source)
Danny Farr, DL (49ers, tryout) (source)

Western Michigan (3)
Alex Carder, QB (Lions, UDFA) (source)
Paul Hazel, DL (Jaguars, UDFA) (source)
Dann O'Neill, OL (Texans, UDFA) (source)

An incomplete list of names that aren't on this list, but initially stood out as missing:
Ball State P Scott Kovanda
Ohio K Matt Weller
Eastern Michigan LB Justin Cudworth
Bowling Green LB Dwayne Woods
Central Michigan QB Ryan Radcliff

Breakdown by NFL team:

Buccaneers 4
Lions 4
Giants 4
Chiefs 4
Redskins 4
Jets 3
Chargers 3
Patriots 3
Texans 3
Browns 2
Jaguars 2
Raiders 2
Bears 1
Bengals 1
Broncos 1
Cowboys 1
Falcons 1
Packers 1
Seahawks 1
Steelers 1
49ers 1

None: Cardinals, Bills, Dolphins, Vikings, Panthers, Eagles, Saints, Ravens, Rams

As always, we'll update this with new signees as they come along. If we have omissions or errors, please share in the comments.