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COMING THIS SUMMER: The top 68 MAC football players

(movie voiceover guy): IN A WORLD ... WITH LOTS OF INTERNET LISTS ... THIS IS ANOTHER LIST. COMING THIS SUMMER. You [whoosh] don't [whoosh] want [whoosh] to [whoosh] miss [whoosh] it.


But it's not just an arbitrary list. We have a whole voting panel and stuff. We tallied up the votes, and we have a list of the 68 best players returning from last year's season. We left out freshmen and transfers, because who can ever tell with those characters.

Why 68 players? 2013 will mark the 68th season of Mid-American Conference football. One hundred players was too many, and 50 would have left out the beloved placekickers.

Here's how we'll reveal this list: once a day we will feature a player from the list, starting at No. 68 and counting down to No. 1, which will be sometime in August, which will lead us almost perfectly into the 2013 football season. It's like the offseason doesn't exist! Kinda!

A big thanks to our voting panel: From Hustle Belt, Bryan Vance, Matt Daley, Matt Eliason and from Bull Run, Tim Riordan and Conrad Mostiller. I also submitted a ballot, but I don't want to thank myself because I didn't include enough Bowling Green folks in my ballot and frankly am sick of myself.

You will find out in due time who is on the list. In the meantime, I have the list on my screen and I am staring at it, cackling, mad with power. If you want to know ASAP when the next player is revealed, subscribe to our StoryStream and you'll get updates on Facebook, which you are on constantly chatting, sharing mildly entertaining memes, playing games and possibly stalking your old high school classmates, which you should stop doing becaues look she didn't want to go out with you in the first place, you still live at home, so move on already.

Keep your eyes peeled for our profile on player No. 68 next week.