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CMU Announces The Elevation Of Morris Watts To Offensive Coordinator

Central Michigan has found its new offensive coordinator in a familiar name.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

In a move that should surprise no one, CMU head coach Dan Enos has appointed Morris Watts to the position of offensive coordinator.

Watts has been Enos' friend and mentor since Enos' days as a Michigan State quarterback. The two have collaborated on CMU's offense since Enos was appointed CMU's head football coach four years ago. Last year, Watts held the title of quarterbacks coach as a member of Enos' staff. It was a title in name only. Many believe that Watts was actually CMU's de facto associate head coach and offensive coordinator. The official holder of the offensive coordinator's position last year was Mike Cummins, who has since moved on to UConn.

Cummins' departure left the door open for Enos to give the official title of offensive coordinator to Watts, presumably with an increase in salary. Enos did most of the play calling for CMU's offense last year, so the move may provide him with an opportunity to delegate that responsibility to Watts in order to focus on other things, such as CMU's sieve like defense.

Watts has paid his dues in the coaching ranks. He has more college and pro experience than any other NCAA Bowl Subdivision coach. He has coaching experience in the MAC as the offensive coordinator of the 2010 conference champion Miami RedHawks.

In a related move, CMU promoted one of its own, former offensive lineman Butch Barry to offensive line coach.