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UMass Minutemen vs. Miami RedHawks Football Preview: Talkin' sMACk

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Max Moore and The Chuck discuss the game at the bottom of the nation's list this week, except for UMass and Miami fans.

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Max: Well first off can we deem this game the Battle of the Basement? The loser of this game will be in a pretty big hole in the East.

Chuck: It's probably better to call this the Battle that NO SERIOUSLY ESPN3 WHY ARE YOU EVEN BROADCASTING THIS OH THE HUMANITY. But I'll be watching all the same.

Max: Maybe they're hoping that Blake Frohnapfel will put up another record breaking performance again. I think he had more passing touchdowns last game than UMass had all of last year.

Chuck: But Blake isn't ready for the QUINTEN ROLLINS JUGGERNAUT that's going to be running around the defensive backfield. And is his success through the air supposed to be some kind of moral victory? Because I've seen plenty of moral victories since October of 2012, and let me tell you, they don't count for jack.

Max: Don't say that. Moral victories are all UMass fans have left! That being said, do you really think that Miami has anyone that can cover Tajae Sharpe and the 6'7" giant Jean Sifrin.

Chuck: Rollins may be on the short side, but short guys don't start for Division I basketball teams unless they can cover guys bigger than they are. I guess what I'm saying is he's got four years of experience under his belt already.

I'm a lot more worried about Sifrin than I am Sharpe, actually. Who covers him? If you put a DB on him, you may end up stuck with a linebacker on a wideout, or at best, you have wideouts in single coverage with no backup from safeties who have shifted to cover the difference. And I don't see a linebacker being able to do anything about him in coverage downfield.

And the flip side for you: who's going to cover the two best receivers in the MAC by average yards per catch, David Frazier and Rokeem Williams?

Max: Randall Jette is Umass' version of. Shutdown corner so he'll take on one of them. Also watch out for Trey Dudley-Giles who is not only a great return man but also is dangerous in the defensive backfield. But UMass only has 5 sacks all season so unless Kessan Messiah can his pass rush going Hendrix should have all day to pick the pass coverage apart.

Please explain this to me. How is Miami favored by 3.5. UMass has gone into SEC country and outplayed Vanderbilt for 49:54 minutes and lost by 3. I know Miami played Cincinatti and Buffalo tight but there's no way Miami wins by more than a field goal. Also how is Miami's home field advantage?

Chuck: We're half-point favorites on a neutral field because, frankly, we look better. UMass "went into SEC country" to play a Vanderbilt team that's a shell of its former self and lost a close one. UMass "went into Pac-12 country" to play Colorado, perhaps the worst Power 5 team, and lost a close one. The two times you guys played non-conference teams that might be decent, you fell apart. Miami, on the other hand, played two teams favored to win their conferences (Marshall and Cincinnati, the first one a legit College Football Playoff candidate) and lost close ones.

But really, Miami and UMass are in a similar position on this scale, which amounts to "how bad is your team?":

0 - Don't know how to win, play incorrect techniques, undisciplined
1 - Uncompetitive, beaten and beaten badly in every game, disarray
2 - Continual losses but competitive; "finds ways to lose."
3 - Win games but are very inconsistent, win games they shouldn't, lose games they shouldn't, rarely get .500 but flirt with it
4 - Show consistency and overcome adversity in games record is routinely over .500
5 - Win often, winning expected, losing is a surprise and unacceptable

Both teams are about a 2 right now. Miami started this year at a zero. UMass started at a 0.5 to 1. This should be an evenly matched, one-score game for those who care to watch it.

As for Miami's home field advantage? HAHAHAHAHA. We didn't even really have one when Roethlisberger was there. People would rather stay home and watch Ohio State.

Max: Well I'll leave it at this. I think UMass wins 24-21 off of a nice performance of JT Blyden and Blake Frohnapfel and a miracle field goal mixed in. Of course, in classic UMass fashion, they could lose 35-7 just as easily. May the best team win and the loser be relagated to the Big Ten because, well they couldn't be worse than Michigan.

Chuck: Shit, we lost to Michigan, and I think we're better than Michigan. If nothing else, our coach isn't totally abandoning all responsibility for the welfare of his players. At any rate, I think it'll be a bit higher-scoring. Let's say 35-31 Miami. May the best team win.