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Miami RedHawks vs. Massachusetts Minutemen Football Final Score: UMass Lost The UMass Way 42-41

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For the first time since 2012, Miami won a football game.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The last time the Miami RedHawks (then known as the Redsk- oh, wait, it wasn't that long ago, my bad) won a football game, it was against a rivaled Ohio Bobcats team, who was ranked #23 in the nation at that point. That was 21 games ago. That was the longest losing streak in the FBS.

Coming into this one, Miami and the Massachusetts Minutemen were both 0-5. Miami hasn't been able to figure things out all year and UMass hasn't been able to play a complete game all year long.

The First Half of the Football Game

The first half of this game was really exciting for anybody. Lots of offense went into this one, especially from the two quarterbacks that most fans didn't know too much about before the season: Blake Frohnapfel and Andrew Hendrix. Those two kept slinging the ball all over the place in the first half. Both playing at high intensities, combined for 511 passing yards through the air.

But really, UMass was just rolling. They were up 14-0 after the first quarter and put up 41 points by halftime with an ever so comfortable 20-point lead. Even if Miami were to catch up to 41, there's still too much time on the clock for UMass not to score some insurance points.

The Third Quarter of the Football Game

For a couple of teams that allow over 30 points per game, it's easy to expect more of the same from these teams. But Miami held UMass to a couple of punts and a turnover on downs, while Hendrix, without a strong running game to move the ball downfield, did what he could, completing seven of his 15 attempted passes in his team's two drives. Miami would score towards the end of the this quarter after a 3-yard run by Jared Murphy.

Weird Football Happenings

Because if you're watching a game with these two football games  involved, you're going to have Weird Football Happenings.

Before we go on, I just want to give you a spoiler alert and say that, up to this point, the kickers for both teams have yet to attempt a field goal, and there just wouldn't be any field goals in this contest. Bad things happen when MAC kickers go out onto the field and try to kick field goals.

UMass Kicker Gets Hugged By Vandy (Alex Alvarado)

I wouldn't do it, either.

In the fourth quarter, Frohnapfel just looked... different. I hate using ellipses, but he really did seem off. He wasn't hitting his receivers as well as he was doing earlier in the game. The first drive of the fourth quarter, the MInutemen were in RedHawk territory, but a holding call took back a big run play from Shadrach Abrokwah, which would've given them a touchdown. Instead of firing back, Frohnapfel overthrew Tajae Sharpe on a 4th-and-22 to give Miami the ball back.

A few possessions later, Miami found themselves in the same position, starting on the UMass 41-yard line. While the wheels stopped turning for Mark Whipple's Minutemen, Hendrix hooked up with Sam Martin for a 16-yard score, giving all of the Miami fans hope, still down 41-35.


If UMass is going out with a loss, they're doing it on their own terms.

The very next drive for UMass ended after three plays. Abrokwah just picked up a first down on a 2nd-and-6, but coughed up the ball to Miami's Jarrell Jones.

They were up by 20 at the half.

Hendrix completes three straight passes for 44 yards, then ended the drive on a 1-yard touchdown run to tie it up. The PAT was good, and the RedHawks led by one at this point.

UMass: Part Two

You didn't think UMass would stop UMassing there, would you?

There's 1:13 left on the clock. Frohnapfel, after three incompletions, moves the chains on a fourth down. Here's what ESPN's play-by-play says what happened three plays later:

Frohnapfel, B. pass intercepted by KERN, Kent at the UMASS43, KERN, Kent return to the UMASS43, PENALTY MU pass interference (ROLLINS, Q.) 12 yards to the UMASS43, 1ST DOWN UMASS, NO PLAY. for a 1ST down

Okay, let's try UMassing again.

UMass: Part Two, Take Two

Something happens.

Blake drives for the last few seconds of the game. They get all the way to the 4-yard line. They can't call a timeout, they can only spike it and send out the field goal unit. The only problem with that is that sounds like a terrible idea and I already told you that wouldn't be happening.

The ball is snapped with less than five seconds left. Frohnapfel looks to his right, hits Abrokwah near the sideline, who his hit just short of the goal line as the clock expires. Blake Frohnapfel did not spike the ball.

This is one of the best beat writers that covers UMass. These are all very valid points, and you should just check out his whole ranting of tweets that followed the game. But now the longest losing streak in the FBS is snapped by Miami after 21.

UMass is now your current FBS losing streak leader with 12. Funny how these things happen.