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Possible MAC Football Championship Matchups

Which game would be the best for MACtion and the fans in general?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

As the season winds down, there are still three MAC West teams fighting and hoping they can make it to Detroit for this year’s MAC championship game against BGSU, MAC East champion. Obviously, the homer fans of NIU, Toledo, and WMU would like to see their teams make it (and win it), but for those of you with teams not in the running, what team or game would you like to see? Here are some cases to be made for each matchup.

Northern Illinois vs. Bowling Green

Best in the East against Best in the seems. This matchup would be a repeat of last year’s MAC championship with BGSU winning last year. While both teams are not the same caliber of last year, it’s also the only matchup that we haven’t seen this year as BG has fallen both at home to Western 26-14 and at Toledo 27-20. But do we really want to see this matchup? I mean, this would be the 5th year in a row where NIU has made the championship game. Why not let some other teams have a chance, ya hogs. WMU hasn’t been there in 14 years while Toledo hasn’t in 10. I’m tired of the same old, same old, aren’t you?

Toledo vs. Bowling Green

A rematch of a game played 16 days ago? That doesn’t sound like fun at all. However, it is a rivalry game. And it would give BG a chance to redeem themselves after not being able to capitalize on a game where they most likely should have won. If not for a 91-yard touchdown run by Kareem Hunt and some big kickoff returns, BG played well enough to earn the victory. A neutral site game between rivals where home field could have made an impact sounds intriguing, but I can’t help think people do not want a rematch of a game just two weeks after the original was played. However, I think this game would put the most people in the stands. These are the two closest schools to Detroit amongst teams still eligible, so that could make the MAC look good on TV.

Western Michigan vs. Bowling Green

Another rematch? Boooooring. WMU won this meeting in mid-October by 12 points on the road in BG. Does a rematch at a neutral site make anyone believe that BG could win this game? It’s MACtion baby, anything can happen. BG’s offense had a terrible game the first time around only gaining 274 yards. Playing in a dome could be just what BG needs to get going, because normally the winds in BG make passing the ball a nightmare as shown by the stats in their first meeting. Or it could quite possibly end up being the catalyst Jarvion Franklin needs to run for 175+ yards as BG has given up 190 yards or more to running backs on four occasions this year. This, I believe, would be the game the people who love MACtion would want to see. WMU has had such a turnaround, from winning just one game last year (by one point), to being bowl eligible and having the chance to win the MAC West and the Championship.

Such improvement. Much wins. Many wow.