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Buffalo Bulls At UMass Minutemen Football Preview

As the season comes to a close, the middle of the MAC East faces off against each other.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

On black friday, the Massachusetts Minutemen host the Buffalo Bulls. For both teams, the seniors will be seeing their last game in action. As a result, neither team will want to lose and send their seniors out on a sad note (little known fact: teams often want to lose. You wouldn't think it, but its true). Let's look at the key story lines going into the game.

Can the Minutemen Find Offense Without Blake Frohnapfel?

If there was any doubt that Blake Frohnapfel would be a worthy winner of the MAC Player of the Year, look no further than last weeks game against the Akron Zips. Without Frohnapfel under center, the Minutemen's high powered offense fell apart. For the Minutemen fans who've suffered through the two prior years, many must've thought they were having PTSD flashbacks. If Whipple can't get the offense going this week, there will be many questions on the future of the quarterback position for UMass after next season (Blake's last year).

Will Buffalo Show Up Cold?

Buffalo had to cancel there last game due to snow (though ESPN says postponed). With the bowl possibility out the window, the Bulls have little to play for on a game the day after Thanksgiving. If the Bulls show up rusty or unfocused, they may find themselves playing catch-up.

And one for the future:

Will Jean Sifrin Stay or Go?

Jean Sifrin has been one of the best offensive weapons in the MAC, and one of UMass' best tight ends ever (despite only playing one season). At 27, though, if Sifrin were to come back to UMass for his senior year he'd be using up another one of his prime years on college ball. If Sifrin wanted to try to make an impact in the NFL, he'd have to consider leaving UMass for the draft after this year. A lot of the talk will be about the seniors leaving, but one juniors decision weighs heavy as well.