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And this one is the one that REALLLLY matters. Don't get it twisted with all the other games.

Brian Kersey/Getty Images

You know what, this season has been so much more exciting than I had anticipated. Can I get a "hell yeah"?

Time Game TV
11:00 Northern Illinois @ Western Michigan ESPNU
1:00 Toledo @ Eastern Michigan ESPN3
1:00 Akron @ Kent State ESPN3
1:00 Buffalo @ UMass ESPN3
1:00 Ball State @ Bowling Green ESPN3

There you have it, our final slate of regular season football games before we start having fun in Detroit next week for the MAC Championship game. We don't know who Bowling Green will face that day, making this day THAT much more important.

Northern Illinois and Western Michigan. See, last year it was just a Lynch show. Lynch ran, Lynch threw, Lynch painted the garage, Lynch cured cancer, he just did it all for that regular season finale. But there's no Lynch this time, but there is a Jarvion Franklin, and both teams have to battle to win, not only this game, but the MAC West.

If you're a Bronco's fan, you're rooting for the Eagles today. This MAC West thing is more difficult than you thought, wasn't it?

And of course, the Wagon Wheel. If Akron really really really really really really really wants to go bowling, they're going to have to impress the right people today, and give them a reason watch this game. It's not impossible, but we've seen crazier things happen.

Have fun and play nice.