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MAC Football Power Rankings: Northern Illinois Ends Regular Season Up Top, Broncos At No. 3

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

After Northern Illinois and Western Michigan were both tied for first place, the score was finally settled at Bronco Stadium. Some other stuff happened too, but that was the biggest game of the week.

Rank Team Previously
1 Northern Illinois t1
2 Toledo 3
3 Western Michigan t1
4 Bowling Green 4
5 Central Michigan 5
6 Ball State 8
7 Ohio 6
8 Buffalo 10
9 Akron 7
10 UMass 9
11 Miami 11
12 Kent State 13
13 Eastern Michigan 12

Toledo had a huge win over Eastern Michigan, that was to be expected.

Ball State's win over Bowling Green gave them a jump to the upper-half of these polls at the season's close. Good for them, we were starting to get worried for them. Alas, Bowling Green didn't slide down and that's probably because they're going to Detroit anyways. Then with UMass losing to Buffalo and Akron losing to Kent State in their final, respective games slid them down a spot or two.

But we're done with the regular season. It's over. Gone forever. We still have the MAC Championship and some bowl games to watch still, but these are our last power rankings for the regular season. What's yours?