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College Football Live Chat: It's What You've All Been Waiting For, Ain't it?

#MACtion on Tuesday night is what football is all about anyways. Or something.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We finally made it, everybody. Tuesday. Night. #MACtion.

If you're new here, then you're about to find out why everything you've ever done to celebrate this beautiful day was a complete waste of your time and you should've been hanging out with us in the first place. Welcome to Hustle Belt, new friends. We love #MACtion, yes we do. We love #MACtion, and let's be honest with ourselves: so do you.

Tonight, there are (hold onto your applause until I'm finished please) two games that you can watch through the wonderful services of ESPN, the kind that you don't need a Chromecast to better enjoy.

Most eyes will be on the Bowling Green vs. Akron game, which is something many of us have been freaking waiting for. The winner of this is likely to be the MAC East team that'll make it to Detroit for the MAC Championship Game. And Kyle Pohl is finally back starting again! If Bowling Green wins, they'll be bowl-eligible once again.

Toledo is also looking to clinch bowl-eligibility as they face off against Kent State. The Rockets are a 12-point favorite, which is funny when you look at how we've been ranking these teams all season long. Maybe Kent State will ruin Toledo's perfect MAC record on a national stage. #MACtion trumps logic, which is something important to keep in mind tonight.

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