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MAC Blogger Roundtable: What Happened To the MAC Of 2011?

Each week, the blogs of the MAC come together and discuss the comings and goings of the conference. This week, FalconBlog hosts and asks us about the rapidly shifting landscape of the MAC.

1. The MAC has 3 freshman in the top 10 in rushing yards and only 1 in receiving yards. Do you think RB is an easier position to break in, or is it just something about these specific guys?

I think it's actually a combination of a lot of things.  Now, I don't want to take anything away from these players, but hear me out.  A couple years ago, it was all about the air raid.  Teams that ran the ball successfully didn't look as flashy as the high scoring offenses like Toledo and WMU, and the league shifted towards that.  Then Bowling Green and NIU come along with solid run games and defenses to stop the pass and all of a sudden, the MAC becomes theirs.

However, some teams got smart and shifted back to the run game, where many MAC teams lacked in talent to stop (see every MAC team in the state of Michigan).  Plus, we're seeing a lot more of the ball being spread around in the passing game, while running backs have tended to be less by committee like the early part of the decade.  Maybe I'm crazy, but I think that's the case.

Either way, these kids are studs, and I can't wait to see them progress into stars later in their careers.

2, Only 3 MAC teams have kickers making 80% of their FG attempts. Are you surprised the kicking in the MAC isn't better?

Ehhh, kinda?  Like free throws, kicking has gone downhill in quality just in general the past few years.  While, yes, there are still great kickers out there, the general reliability of kickers in the NCAA has plummeted.  You would never have "should we just eliminate kicking" a couple years ago.  Now?  The kicker is an endangered species.

3. Quentin Rollins leads the MAC in interceptions. I know the two-sport athlete is nearly completely gone but do you think there are a lot of players on your football team who could start at another sport for your school?

Possibly.  I mean, Fleck is recruiting a lot of athletic kids, so you'd have to assume they could do other things (like run track or play basketball).  Daniel Braverman could easily be a track star for short distance for example.  However, to start and to play are two different things, and I'm not so sure a two-sport athlete will get the nod more often than not over a one-sport specialist.