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Hustle Belt Staff Predicts MAC Championship Outcome

BGSU Athletics

Matt Hammond: James Knapke does his best Kyle Pohl impression and completes fewer than 50% of his passes. The Falcons dream of the 2015 return of Matt Johnson in the loss.

NIU 38 - BGSU 24

Sam Barloga: Game is close throughout and goes into overtime tied at 28 with the Falcons winning the toss and stopping NIU to field goal before scoring the game's winning touchdown and winning their second straight conference title.

BGSU 34 - NIU 31 (OT)

Ian Davis: Northern runs the ball and BG's defensive line doesn't show up. BG does hit the home run ball a few time to stay in it.

NIU 28 - BGSU 24

Justin Kruse: The MAC East IS the worst division in all of FBS Football and James Knapke is leading BGSU to a 7-7 season. The NIU defense plays strong and gets revenge from 2013 as the Huskies prevail.

NIU 31- BGSU 17

Dave Drury: Huskies start slow, as always, but remember how to play in the fourth.

NIU 34 - BGSU 28

Thomas McElgunn: Dan Enos appears in headphones on the BG sidelines. When asked what he is doing there, he responds: "I was on my way to interview for the Michigan job and took a wrong turn on I-75."

The Huskies go into shock. Tommylee (the NIU trainer went to Lourdes and got an elixir from a nun. The elixir worked and Tommylee got cleared to play for the MACCG) scores twice in the last two minutes, but it's not enough.

BGSU 17 - NIU 14

James Jimenez: Huskies start slow and finish fast. Falcons start fast, finish slow. It's gonna be close, but I get the feeling Cameron Stingly will have a field day against BGSU's run D. BGSU has faded down the stretch, while NIU looks dominant as ever.

NIU 28 - BGSU 17

Sam Neidermann: NIU's pass rush makes the difference. BG will actually lead in the first half I believe, but NIU just finds ways to win. Hare will play a clean game, Cam Stingily finds the end zone twice, NIU gets revenge.

NIU 38 - BGSU 25

Da Gerd: I believe BG's defense will allow a ton of rushing yards, but I also think they will do enough to beat NIU. Knapke will play great in the dome. NIU hasn't passed for over 200 yards since October 18th against Miami.


NIU rushing for 250ish yards
BG passes for 300+ yards
Kicking game will be important down the stretch

BGSU 38 - NIU 35

Max Lowe: Bowling Green's high powered offense never finds a rhythm, thus taking away the Falcons best advantage. Drew Hare looks good at QB and has a decent day on the ground as well. NIU fans continue to dislike Rod Carey even after he wins a MAC title.

NIU 27 - BGSU 14

Corey Gloor: Huskies put pressure on Knapke and forces mistakes. NIU running game capitalizes with clock-killing scoring drives in second half and pulls away after a tight first half.

NIU 31 - BGSU 20

Max Moore: This is very simple, NIU has Cameron Stingly and BGSU does not. Take that, sabermetrics.

NIU 35 - BGSU 21

Thurman Dieter: BG comes out with something new on offense in the first half. Knapke makes the big throws he needs too. NIU runs for a solid 250 yards but it comes down to the kicking game. Tyler Tate, yes the kicker, wins the MVP with three long field goals.

BGSU 24 - NIU 21

Ben Roush: NIU only up 21-13 at the half, but a couple Knapke picks and a solid Husky rushing performance in the second half are the difference.

NIU 38 - BGSU 20

Brandon Fitzsimons: BG is 0-3 against the MAC West's 2nd, 3rd, and 5th best teams. NIU is 3-0 against those same teams, with two wins coming on the road. The Huskies seem to find ways to win, and Bowling Green just looks off. Maybe they were looking ahead, but the Falcons will not repeat as MAC Champions.

NIU 31 - BGSU 17

The Chuck: Not sure of the final numbers, but I say NIU wins by 17

Jesse Allen: After a raucous crowd chant for the Minutemen, blake Frohnapfel leads his team out and, with 20 seconds remaining, passes to Tajae Sharpe to put the Minutemen up 41. They win by 47 (missed PAT to end the game). Oh crap, that's next years championship.

Brandon Hickey: The Huskies go up big early, Falcons come back late, and #MACKickers miss a few extra points and 25-yard field goals. A fitting end to the season.

NIU 33 - BGSU 18

Randy Carpenter: Babers can't fix everything in a week. Good effort but not enough for the Falcons.

NIU 34 - BGSU 21

Keith Scheessele: In a matchup of two teams with more than capable offenses, it will come down to whose defense can suck the least. NIU gives up 390 yards and 24 points a game. Bowling Green yields 100 yards and 8 points on top of that despite playing in the vastly inferior Eastern division.

NIU 38 - BGSU 28

Carter Adler: I expect that one team will score more than the other. I have a high degree of confidence in this prediction.

TEAM A (points) - TEAM B (less points)

Alex Alvarado:

Falcons have surprised

But just give Stingily the ball

Don't argue with me

NIU 56 - BGSU 50 (3OT)