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The Akron Zips Have New Shiny Gold Helmets

The Zips are stepping up their style game and taking a page right out of Trinidad James playbook, "All Gold Everything".

Twitter user @VRiZZ52

Akron football games may need to carry a warning next season. Those watching could be in danger of being blinded by the Zips' new all gold helmets.

Twitter blew up this afternoon with photos of the new shiny gold domes the Zips will apparently rock at some point this upcoming season:

The first thing that comes to mind about these is holy Notre Dame rip-off. These are obviously shiner than the Fighting Irish's, but the idea is the same.

The bright metallic gold helmets are adorned with a blue Z outline on the side, which is easy to miss in the glare. The new look is in stark contrast to the last unique helmet design Akron unveiled last season. The look that year was much tamer and featured a zipper design running down the middle. These helmets look like the Zips broke into a Cash4Gold store and decided to bling the hell out.

There's no word if the team will get matching gold grills to go along with the new look.