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MAC Media Day Recap: Belt Selfie Tour Was A Success

Yes, grabbing quotes from the players and coaches were important, but this is the real reason why we received credentials.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This started out as a silly e-mail, but I just couldn't resist myself. My selfie game is LeBron James status. You only hate it because you're jelly.

Shout out to: Jon Steinbrecher, Jeremy Guy, P. J. Fleck, Leterrius Walton, Dan Enos, Frank Solich, Joe Licatta, Dino Babers, Rod Carey, Cameron Stingily, Paris Logan, Chris Creighton, Lincoln Hansen, Pudge Cotton and Paul Haynes for helping me out.  And a special s/o to my parents who raised me to be the best person I could possibly be.

First off, MAC Commish Jon Steinbrecher.


Joe Licata's tie is actually really nice. I dig it, Joe.


Wearing a tie the same color as your school's color? That's so last selfie ago.


Cameron, whatchu doing? Stop blinking, this thing isn't flashing.


I wish this thing would have a flash on both sides.


That's some nice hair you got there, Daniel.


This isn't Pudge's first time taking a selfie. I'm assuming Lincoln's been in three, maybe four. Creighton's probably still thinking if selfie ends in "ie" or "y", or still doesn't completely understand what's going on right now.


This is my personal favorite. Every bit as awesome as I had hoped for.


It's past my bedtime too, Solich.




Not a selfie, but it gets the point across.