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College Football Rankings: Preseason Coaches Poll Released, Northern Illinois Receives 1 Vote

The MAC received the fewest total points in the preseason coaches poll of ANY FBS conference, with just one.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

With a new season, and a new playoff system comes a new refresh to a now utterly useless college football poll. The 2014 Amway Coaches Poll (presented by USA Today) released its preseason poll today, and though it has no bearing on the four-team college football playoff later this fall, us sports fans are still painfully vain, overly prideful and incredibly thin-skinned beings who love freak out over any ranking we perceive as disrespectful. It's fun. Sort of like watching soap operas. The thing itself is utterly useless, but damn does it make for some good drama.

1 Florida State Seminoles 14-0 1543 56 NR
2 Alabama Crimson Tide 11-2 1455 NR
3 Oklahoma Sooners 11-2 1382 3 NR
4 Oregon Ducks 11-2 1314 1 NR
5 Auburn Tigers 12-2 1271 NR
6 Ohio State Buckeyes 12-2 1267 1 NR
7 UCLA Bruins 10-3 1085 NR
8 Michigan State Spartans 13-1 1050 NR
9 South Carolina Gamecocks 11-2 1009 1 NR
10 Baylor Bears 11-2 965 NR
11 Stanford Cardinal 11-3 955 NR
12 Georgia Bulldogs 8-5 905 NR
13 LSU Tigers 10-3 833 NR
14 Wisconsin Badgers 9-4 654 NR
15 USC Trojans 10-4 627 NR
16 Clemson Tigers 11-2 535 NR
17 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 9-4 509 NR
18 Arizona State Sun Devils 10-4 358 NR
19 Mississippi Rebels 8-5 346 NR
20 Texas A&M Aggies 9-4 266 NR
21 Kansas State Wildcats 8-5 257 NR
22 Nebraska Cornhuskers 9-4 228 NR
23 North Carolina Tar Heels 7-6 175 NR
24 Texas Longhorns 8-5 143 NR
25 Washington Huskies 9-4 142 NR
Others Receiving Votes:
Missouri 126; Florida 122; Central Florida 102; Mississippi State 74; Oklahoma State 56; TCU 54; Michigan 53; Iowa 49; Miami (Fla.) 45; Duke 41; Louisville 32; Marshall 27; Brigham Young 18; Boise State 13; Louisiana-Lafayette 12; Virginia Tech 12; Texas Tech 8; Minnesota 6; Cincinnati 6; Northwestern 5; Oregon State 4; Fresno State 4; Georgia Tech 2; Houston 2; Arkansas 1; Arizona 1; Northern Illinois 1.

It should come as little surprise that Florida State checks in at No. 1, and while there are some teams (UCF) that some fans will freak out about not making the preseason Top 25, it doesn't seem too shocking. The Coaches Poll has consistently given less credit to smaller schools and fallen victim to the romanticization of the old power programs. So the fact that not one single member of the Group of 5 made this poll, while slightly disrespectful, doesn't shock me one bit.

UCF, which beat Baylor this past January in the Fiesta Bowl, is the highest ranked team from a non Power 5 conference, checking in with 102 votes, equivalent to No. 28. Meanwhile the MAC received one vote, total. One vote for Northern Illinois. The fewest points of ANY college football conference in this poll.

Despite winning the MAC and returning a hefty number of starters, Bowling Green didn't receive a single vote. Toledo, which was picked to finish ahead of NIU in the West., didn't receive a vote. To put it in perspective, four MAC teams (NIU, 19; Ohio, 8; Kent State, 4; Toledo, 1) received votes in the 2013 preseason Coaches Poll.

MAC fans shouldn't take too much offense to this poll. Afterall, it's sponsored by a pyramid scheme company.