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PODCAST: Talking Group of 5 vs Power 5 Conferences, College Football Playoff and MACtion With Bill Bender Of Sporting News

Sporting News College Football Analyst, and Ohio alumnus, Bill Bender dropped by the 'Belt to talk about the growing rift between the haves and have-nots of college football, and of course we asked him about MACtion.

Tom Pennington

College football is evolving. If that wasn't made clear by the switch to a four-team playoff this season, the growing divide between the haves (the Power 5 football conferences) and the have-nots (the other college football conferences, a.k.a. the Group of 5) is sure to alert you.

OVer at Sporting News, Bill Bender, a college football analyst and Ohio alum, recently did a fascinating five-part series examining the growing divide between these two groups and offered some ideas on how the Group of 5 could go its own way.

You can find all five parts here.

We brought Bender on to talk about the growing divide and its impact on the MAC. We also managed to squeeze in some talk about the upcoming MAC football season, and how we all agree Marshall should come back.

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