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The NASMAC Exchange (MAC Football Stock Market)

With football season upon us, there seems to be a bear market in the NASMAC. See which teams our experts say to invest in!

With the opening bell just a few days away, the Hustle Belt financial experts take a look at all 12 MAC stocks on the NASMAC Exchange and give you their investment advice.

Disclaimer: The following analysis includes forward looking statements that may or may not be indicative of actual stock performance.  Please consult carefully with your financial expert before investing in any stock.



Akron Zips Inc.
Symbol: ZIP
Advice: Buy

Right now might be your last chance to buy Akron at a decent price. Akron was a penny stock in 2011 due to failing management and high infrastructure costs. They received a slight bump when the board hired a new management team in 2012, but haven't been able to build momentum until late 2013. Don't miss out on your last chance to buy low.  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Matt Eliason)


Bowling Green Falcons, Inc.
Symbol: BGSU
Advice: Buy Short

This stock price reached a 22-year high in late-2013.  Those that bought into the former management team five years ago were rewarded handsomely.  Yet another new management team is now leading this stock.  Is it time to take your profits and sell?  I don't think so.  While this stock is expensive, it does have some room left to grow over the next 24 months, provided it can keep its Steve Jobs-like CEO.  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Randy Carpenter)


Central Michigan Chippewas & Co.
Symbol: CMU
Advice: Strong Buy

The early years of the 2000s saw this investment booming, but the bubble burst in 2010 with Dan "The Man" LeFevour moving on from the position of CCO. The stock stabilized back in 2012 and has leveled off as of late. Investors are DROOLING over this stock with the amount of opportunity it has to gain. With Northern Illinois Huskies Holdings losing their "wunderkind" Jordan Lynch, a power vacuum- so to speak- has appeared and this is MUST BUY time for this up and coming stock.  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Nick Stemberger)


Eastern Michigan Eagles, Inc.
Symbol: BlockE
Advice: Buy

This stock is still very low, and many economists believe that this stock has already peaked back in 1987, with a few good years in 1995 and 2011, but nothing that's been taken all too seriously. There haven't been many buyers once the company changed faces from Hurons to Eagles, but the transition is over, making this a good time to buy shares, especially with new, promising management with a handsome supporting cast for effective micromanagement.  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Alex Alvarado)


Mass Minutemen Company
Symbol: SAM
Advice: Buy

This stock is a clear buy. Most analysts have overlooked this company, many picking it to have the smallest gains this season in the MAC. What they're missing, though, is the soon to be announced hiring of a new face of the franchise in Blake Frohnapfel. Combined with new management, and the fact that this stock has never ended as the lowest earner, expect to profit by buying in now.  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Jesse Allen)


Miami RedHawks, Inc.
Symbol: MIA
Advice: Buy

Miami is coming off the worst year in company history in 2013, a year of record-breaking losses. The Board of Directors completely revamped management from the C-suite down to departmental assistants. The new staff has considerable experience and success with smaller companies. I recommend buying now, because the price will never get lower, and if management lives up to its prior reputation, the sky's the limit.  (Hustle Belt Analyst: The Chuck)


Northern Illinois Huskies, Inc.
Symbol: NIU
Advice:  Strong Buy

While still the Blue Chipper of this exchange, NIU experienced a slight pull back on market price after a disappointing performance during last quarter of 2013. That, coupled with speculation on who will take over control for the recently departed Jordan Lynch, has some people selling. Don't panic. This dip in value is going to provide the best buy in opportunity this stock has seen since 2009.

The early returns may not reach the high of 2012 right now, but we're looking long term here. This is a company who has a growth plan and has reinvested in itself heavily. New CEO Sean Frazier already has improved the teams scheduling, facilities and brand name. While Vice President Rod Carey looks to be around for several years to guide the employees and provide the stability needed for continued success.  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Mike Karpinski)


Toledo Rockets
Symbol:  TOL
Advice: Buy

The Toledo Rockets were once the blue chip stock of the MAC market, division and conference titles were the norm and shareholders were rewarded annually. But 2013 saw a sharp downturn in returns and while early projections are high in 2014, the Rocket stock is still undervalued when compared to prior results. With strong leadership in place the rocket stock is set to soar I would suggest a Buy Now approach  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Justin Kruse)


Western Michigan, Ltd.
Symbol: WMU
Advice: Buy

You're never going to find a better time to buy into this stock. The price is at an all time low, but potential for growth is incredibly high. Why, you ask? Their head honcho, a Mr. P.J. Fleck, has brought in more raw talent for this organization that has been seen - well quite frankly - possibly ever. He's not quite proven yet in day-to-day management but he's got extensive experience in the profession and the motivation to get things done. Buy before this sky-rockets!  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Ben Roush)


Kent State Enterprises
Symbol: KSU
Advice: Hold

Kent State Enterprises stock was never higher than it was in 2012, when nobody predicted the stock to soar as high as it did. Many look at that year as a glitch in the industry. Never again will KSU's stock be that high and as far as this season goes it's best to hold steady. Don't expect much of anything to change with the current staff overseeing Kent State Enterprises. This is one stock that will break even at best.  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Andy Jardy)


Ohio Bobcats Litterbox Supplies
Symbol: OU
Advice: Hold

After a fire sale in November of 2013, investors might very well be hesitant to take their chances with this organization. But with Solich & Friends at the helm and with new leadership forming within the ranks, investors may be looking for a strong rebound from the group. Now might be the opportunity to buy low and make a profit in the final quarter when more from the east might be looking to purchase stock. But we won't go so far as to say you should buy this stock in bundles, be weary as this organization could be susceptible to a quick drop off  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Kaleb Carter)


Ball State

Symbol: BSU
Advice: Sell

Fans who have invested in Ball State back in 2011 have been rewarded greatly. Ever since Pete Lembo came to the Cardinals that year, this stock has done nothing but skyrocket. Last year, the stock was highest its been since the 2008 season, when Ball State was able to have a 10 win season. Unfortunately, as an investor myself, I would sell this stock as soon as possible. It isn't likely to plummet, but with the loss of some key offensive weapons (Willie Snead, Keith Wenning, Jamill Smith, and Zane Flakes), it is unlikely that their stock is going to be as high as it was last year.  (Hustle Belt Analyst: Nick Lowe)