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MAC Fantasy Football League: The Draft

The Hustle Belt team got together and did a fantasy draft involving only MAC players.

Duane Burleson

Recently the guys at Hustle Belt decided we wanted to start a fantasy football league formed of only players from the Mid-American Conference. There are eight teams in the league with a 15 round draft, making things pretty difficult to find relevant players once we got past the first few rounds. However, we gave it our best shot and I think everyone in the league is excited about one of their potential "sleeper" picks.


Pos Name School
QB Matt Johnson BGSU
RB Trayion Durham Kent State
WR Gehrig Dieter BGSU
RB Shadrach Abrokwah UMass
WR Zach D'Orazio Akron
WR Alfred Adarkwah UMass
K Tyler Tate BGSU
WR Fransohn Bickley Akron
RB Lorenzo Woodley UMass
WR Ryan Burbrink BGSU
RB William Houston BGSU
TE Eric Boyden WMU
D/ST Miami D/ST

My fantasy team hinges on the performance of Matt Johnson. If Matt Johnson performs as well I think he could be unstoppable. There is no other player in the MAC who can put up 30-40 points every night the way Johnson can. I also paired Johnson with receivers Dieter and Burbrink to get extra points when BG plays. My running backs are OK with Durham, Abrokwah and Woodley. My other receivers are Akron studs D’Orazio and Bickley as well as sleeper Alfred Ardarkwah from UMass. My fantasy team goes wherever Matty J goes, which will be far.


Pos. Name School
QB Joe Licata Buffalo
WR Alonzo Russell Toledo
RB Damion Jones-Moore Toledo
RB Thomas Rawls WMU
TE Luke Eakes NIU
D/ST Bowling Green BGSU
WR Jalen Williams Umass
K Jeremiah Detmer Toledo
WR Josh Boyle Kent State
WR Mykel Traylor-Bennett Akron
RB Spencer Treadwell Miami
RB Darius Jackson EMU
QB Brogan Roback EMU
WR Jordan Hogue Ball State

During the first round of the fantasy draft I wanted a good quarterback so I wouldn’t have to pick an UMass quarterback (sorry UMass fans). I locked in on Joe Licata and with the 8th picked I pulled the trigger. Since I knew wouldn’t get to pick for a long time I went with Alonzo Russell. I wanted Toledo’s best players and I got them. In rounds following it got harder and harder to find players who played last year. Hopefully players like Kent State wide receiver Josh Boyle and Central Michigan running back Thomas Rawls will have big years for their respective teams.


Pos. Name School
RB Kareem Hunt Toledo
RB Jawon Chisholm Akron
WR Tajae Sharpe Umass
WR Chris Humphrey Kent State
RB Drew Harris UMass
QB Blake Frohnapfel UMass
WR Andrew Flory Central Michigan
D/ST Central Michigan Defense CMU D
WR Shakur Nesmith UMass
RB Jamal Wilson UMass
WR Jared Cohen BGSU
WR Heath Jackson BGSU
K Patrick Clarke Buffalo
TE Jean Sifrin UMass

I had two very different draft strategies for this draft. The first was to rely on research, grab starting RB's and WR's and a middle of the road QB late. Positional scarcity is higher in this draft than an average draft since there's only 13 teams, so starters are a must. The second strategy was make draft picks away from my computer, realize that I only knew UMass player names in the later rounds, and draft them. This turned out to be the less successful of the two strategies.


Pos. Name School
RB Jahwan Edwards Ball State
RB Saylor Lavallii CMU
WR Chase Cochran Ohio
TE Casey Pierce Kent State
WR Dustin Creel EMU
WR L.T. Smith Akron
RB Ryan Brumfield EMU
D/ST Buffalo Buffalo
QB Phillip Ely Toledo
QB Zach Terrell WMU
WR Courtney Williams CMU
K Dylan Mulder EMU
WR Kenny Jones EMU
WR Dwight Macon Toledo

I'll be honest: fantasy football is not my forte. That's in large part due to the fact that fantasy football is absolutely stupid. If it weren't stupid, then explain to me how I got Dwight Macon in the final round of the draft. I'll tell you why: it's because none of these other bozos have ever seen a game of football and only joined this thing because "The League" is a really funny show and everybody just wants to channel in with their inner Ruxin. Well guess what? Me, Jahwan Edwards and Chase Cochran are going to be bringing home the Shiva this year.


Pos Name School
WR Titus Davis CMU
RB Cameron Stingily NIU
WR Da'Ron Brown NIU
RB Daz'mon Patterson Ohio
QB Colin Reardon Kent State
D/ST Toledo D/ST
WR Roger Lewis BGSU
WR Justin Olack Toledo
RB Fred Coppet BGSU
D/ST Ohio D/ST
QB Andrew Hendrix Miami
RB Anthony Meray Kent State
K Josiah Yazdani Ohio
TE Scott Davis BGSU

First, let me explain why I wasted a second-round pick on a player that won’t play until week five: I panicked. Picking in the second half of the first round I took what I thought was the best available player, hoping to snag Kareem Hunt on the swing around. Jesse is a punk and took Hunt. So I took the biggest name running back left.

After a few rounds I realized these guys don’t know anyone outside of their own teams, and just did my thing. But in case I suck I named my team appropriately: We are, Gridiron Barnacles.


Pos Name School
RB Bronson Hill EMU
WR Tommylee Lewis NIU
WR Ronnie Moore BGSU
TE Tyreese Russell EMU
QB Cooper Rush CMU
RB Dareyon Chance WMU
D/ST Ball State D/ST
WR Kendrick Roberts WMU
QB Derrius Vick Ohio
K Andrew Haldeman WMU
WR Javonte Seabury WMU
WR Davis Frazier Miami
RB Leo Ekwoge WMU
WR Jon'vea Johnson Toledo

Drafting 3rd (and then 5th in the next round) left me with a plethora of choices, and I had to pick-up Hill, who surprisingly was left after Alex picked Edwards at #2. Coming back around, I wanted a WR, and with both Davis's off the board, Lewis is a solid guy who will give me both rushing and receiving stats.

After that, it gets murky. A lack of decent running-backs and QBs forced me to pick-up spare parts at time. Tyreese Russell is the best TE in the MAC in my opinion, and snatching him up before Alex could with the very next pick was crucial. That spot is locked down. Getting Rush with my next pick was also critical, as he is probably the 4th best QB with a guaranteed spot (and probably the last).

Dareyon Chance and Ball State's D/ST are also solid pick-ups, and my steal of the draft has to be Derrius Vick in Round 9 (again, before Bryan could pick him up this time). My one regret is picking Jon'Vea Johnson over Dwight Macon in the last round. How I missed Macon, I'll never know. But if these freshmen can produce, this is a solid team. However, that's a BIG if.


Pos Name School
QB Kyle Pohl Akron
WR Corey Davis WMU
RB Akeem Daniels NIU
WR Juwan Brescacin NIU
WR Corey Jones Toledo
WR Boise Ross Buffalo
TE Matt Weisar Buffalo
RB/WR Dawan Scott Miami
QB Rob Bolden EMU
RB Keith Harris Jr. NIU
RB Jarvion Franklin WMU
K Tyler Wedel NIU
RB Jordan Huff NIU

Going into the draft I wanted either Kyle Pohl or Joe Licata at quarterback. Quarterbacks are the most consistent scorers in the MAC so at the fifth pick I wanted to get a top QB. I'm very excited about getting running back Dawan Scott in the ninth round. Keith Harris Jr. is another guy who could be a sleeper. I took a flier on Rob Bolden as my backup quarterback over Andrew Hendrix because Bolden has a higher ceiling (along with a higher likelihood to be irrelevant) even though it is not known if Bolden will start under center for Eastern Michigan. Overall, I'm excited about my team and its potential.


Pos Name School
RB Travis Greene BGSU
WR Jordan Williams Ball State
RB Anthone Taylor Buffalo
RB Horactio Banks Ball State
WR Darius Phillips WMU
WR KeVonn Mabon Ball State
WR Devon Hughes Buffalo
QB Ozzie Mann Ball State
QB Jack Milas Ball State
D/ST Akron D/ST
RB Devin Campbell Buffalo
TE Alex Welch Miami
K Scott Secor Ball State
D/ST Kent State D/ST

I definitely wanted to go running back in the first round. The MAC has a number of talented receivers, and at the time of the draft so many quarterback battles were left unresolved. With Edwards off the board, Greene was an easy pick. I'm happy to have a Ball State quarterback on my team, but again, at the time of the draft we did not know who would start the season under center for the Cardinals. I drafted Mann with fingers crossed, then snatched up Jack Milas with my next pick, who I project to be the starter should Mann not work out.

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