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College Football Rankings: 2014 Underdogs Poll, Week 1 Ballots

Each week Hustle Belt casts two ballots for my Underdogs Poll on SB Nation. We'll post our two ballots here every Monday morning so you can see how we voted.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Last fall I created a football poll that tracked the Top 10 teams from what was then affectionately referred to as the non-AQ teams, you know, all those schools outside of the BCS conferences. Mid-Majors, if you will. It was known as the Mid-Major poll, and by all accounts, it was a success.

Fast forward to 2014 and the college football landscape has undergone a facelift. Gone is the BCS. In its place, a shiny, new, gold-plated College Football Playoff. But all is not different beyond the surface. There's still a gap between the haves and the have nots, and in fact, it's grown bigger. The AAC joined the ranks of the have nots, now referred to as the Group of Five (AAC, C-USA, MAC, MWC, Sun Belt, The service academies and BYU). In fact, there's actually less room for these "little guys" than there was before, with only one spot in the CFB Playoff bowls available to a G5 school each year.

So in the spirit of exclusionism, we revamped the Mid-Major Poll and rebranded it as The Underdogs Poll. It's now a top 15, and with voters from all around the SB Nation network, it's more comprehensive than before. Each week the new poll will go up on SB Myself and Keith Scheessele will post our ballots (We're the two voting reps from Hustle Belt) here for transparency's sake.

So without further ado, our ballots:

1 BYU Marshall
2 Cincinnati Cincinnati
4 Louisiana-Lafayette UCF
5 ECU Louisiana-Lafayette
6 Toledo NIU
7 Marshall Fresno State
9 Navy SDSU
10 NIU Toledo
11 Colorado State Navy
12 UTSA Boise State
13 WKU Utah State
14 Boise State BGSU
15 Temple Ball State

And here is the final rankings for this week:

1 BYU (6) 254 5
2 Marshall (9) 236 1
3 Cincinnati (2) 194 4
4 UCF 184 3
5 ECU (1) 178 12
6 Louisiana-Lafayette 153 8
7 NIU 129 10
8 UTSA 120 NR
9 WKU 115 NR
10 Boise State 112 2
11 Colorado State 78 NR
12 Navy 72 13
13 Toledo 69 15
14 SDSU 60 14
15 Temple (1) 57 NR
DROPPED OUT: Houston, Bowling Green, Utah State, Fresno StateOTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: Utah State (44), Tulsa (26), Fresno State (23), Houston (18), Ball State (17), Arkansas State (15), Nevada (13), Louisiana-Monroe (13), Bowling Green (12), UTEP (10), San Jose State (7), Middle Tennessee (6), Ohio (5), Rice (4), Akron (3), Memphis (3), Georgia Southern (2), UAAB (2), Wyoming (2).

Direct your venom at us below.