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MAC Blogger Roundtable: How Have The Cards Fallen So Far?

Each week, the blogs of the MAC come together to discuss the comings and goings of the conference, as well as crack jokes at one another. This week, the Toledo blog Let's Go Rockets asks us about how the teams are doing after 3 weeks, as well as a prospectus going forward.

1) Three weeks into the season, discuss the biggest surprise (positive or negative) with your respective team?

For Western Michigan, it has to be the fact that the offense is clicking.  The defense is still "meh", so that's nothing new.  With Jarvion Franklin carrying the load in the run game to the tune of 187 yards/game, the passing has opened up a bit, making a shaky arm in Zach Terrell into a "game manager".

Seeing the secondary struggle is a concern, but with injuries to Justin Currie and Donald Celiscar in the first game, then Celiscar's ejection in the second, I'm going to give them a pass for now.

2) If you could augment your team with any one player (or coach) from any team in the country, who would you select and why?

It's tough.  I want to do a easy cop-out and pick Nick Saban or someone who can coach this team into prominence, but I'm going to go the route of a player and pick up Vic Beasley (OLB, Clemson).  Beasley will help with the run stopping as well as giving the Broncos a better pass rush, something that they needed as up until the Idaho game, the Broncos had yet to eclipse 3 sacks in a game coached by PJ Fleck.

3) What, if any, game plan changes do you expect to see from your respective team as we dive in to the conference schedule?

I look for the pass game to open up, and for the Broncos to sell out more on the run.  With Franklin's explosive starts, teams will gang up to stop him, leaving a receiving corps featuring Daniel Braverman and Corey Davis chances to excel.  And they can, as shown by the Idaho game.  As for defensively, we all know WMU hasn't stopped the run in [insert large number here] years in MAC play, so expect to see teams continue to exploit that weakness.

4) It's time for the first MAC Blogger ranking of the season - rank all 13 teams in the conference.

1.  NIU
2.  Bowling Green
3.  Toledo
4.  Akron
5.  Ball State
6.  CMU
7.  Ohio
8.  Buffalo
9.  WMU
10.  Kent State
11.  UMass
12.  EMU
13.  Miami