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Eastern Michigan Eagles vs. Michigan State Spartans Final: Spartans Dominate 73-14

Michigan State's third string quarterback got to play in the first half.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Here's how I knew that this was going to be a rough day for Eastern Michigan's offense: on the second play of the game, starting quarterback Rob Bolden sent a receiver in motion from right to left, then immediately walked towards his sidelines to get a repeat on the hand signals that Reggie Bell had already given.

If you're that unprepared and unsure about what's going on, putting a player in motion then say "wait, what did you say?" to the sidelines, you're gonna have a bad time against a highly-ranked Michigan State squad.

The game started off terribly for the Eagles. I mean, just absolutely awful. And to fast forward through a huge mess, let's just not talk about the first half at all. Let's pretend that we all woke up late and are just now tuning into the Big Ten Network to watch this thing. Let's pretend that it's halftime, and head coach Chris Creighton is with his team in the locker room as you're still rubbing your eyes and debating about whether or not you should brush your teeth yet.

"I told our team that the second half is the beginning of the rest of our season," head coach Chris Creighton said in the post game press conference.

The Spartans, a 45-point favorite, received the ball to start the second half, already ahead 49-0. The Eagles only have one yard on the offense to show for. Bolden has 15 passing yards (2-for-16) while MSU's Connor Cook has two touchdown passes with 83 yards through the air.

"When you have a short field, mathematically there's a higher percentage of scoring. But because of that higher percentage is because of the negative momentum," Creighton said. "Helmets hang, shoulders slouch. The other team is fired up and there's going to be a higher percentage on such sudden change."

"We, as a program, are starting to deal with this sudden change."

By the time EMU got the ball back, the scoreboard read 56-0. Seven plays, 65 yards later, wide receiver Tyler Allen caught his first touchdown reception of the season after a 43-yard bomb thrown by Rob Bolden, giving him his first touchdown pass since his days as a Nittany Lion.

"I was telling coach Haygood to call that play again," Allen told the media. "Earlier in the game, I was wide open down the middle, but he threw it to the outside receiver." That pass was overthrown to Bolden's left, while Allen had already past the defensive backs, which probably should've been where Bolden threw the ball.

"He threw it and I just caught the ball. Wasn't going to let him tackle me when I was five yards close."

That had to be a great feeling for Allen. He's from Lansing, so that was a small feel-good moment for him.

"It definitely felt good for me. I think it would've felt better if the game was closer, but that was fun getting my first touchdown to be at home in front of my friends and family."

Bolden would later strike again, getting the ball out to tight end Tyreese Russell a few times, including a 9-yard touchdown catch at the beginning of the fourth quarter. At this point, EMU outscored MSU 14-10 in the second half.

But alas, a fumble by Russell gave MSU great field position for a quick drive that would end in a 7-yard touchdown run by Delton Williams, the Spartans third string tailback. Williams would also have an 80-yard touchdown run on the following drive.

This was one of those games where everything went right for Michigan State and nothing went right for Eastern Michigan. MSU head coach Mark Dantonio had just about everybody play. Starters saw less playing time early and they just did not skip a beat.

The Spartans finished with 496 offensive yards while EMU finished with 135. Bolden finished 10-for-29 with 115 yards, two touchdowns and an interceptions. His best target was Russell, finishing with four catches and 38 yards.

On defense, Great Ibe, DaQuan Pace and Anthony Zappone all finished with 10 tackles. Ibe now leads the team with 43 tackles (26 solo). Defensive tackle Pat O'Connor had a very quiet day, only finishing with one.

tl;dr: Just watch the Vine below.

The Eagles have a bye week next week, but will play at Akron the following Saturday on October 4.