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MAC Blogger Roundtable: What Did We Learn?

Each week the blogs of the MAC come together to discuss the state of the conference and crack jokes about each other. This week, founder Over The Pylon asked some questions about the lessons learned from Week 1. See what we had to say

1) Now that the first weekend is over what did you learn about your team? Any unexpected surprises? Any lingering questions that are yet to be answered?

Well, we learned that the run defense isn't much better, and that Jarvion Franklin is the next beast of the MAC.

I loved seeing Franklin perform, especially against a Big Ten opponent.  It was amazing, and it was a statement to the rest of the conference that he'll be a force to be reckoned with.  His 160+ yards set a new Bronco high in the Fleck Era, and he looked powerful doing it.  He made holes, broke tackles, and looked somewhat fast.  Oh, and he's a true freshman.

As for the defense, well, they struggled to stop a shaky run game by Purdue.  Take nothing away from Mostert and Hunt, both superb athletes on their own, but the Purdue offensive line blows chunks.  There were way too many long runs, and the additional loss of Donald Celiscar won't help matters with the pass game probably opening up now as well.  Just a bad week for the Bronco defense.

As for the MAC as a whole, we saw that Kent State and Ohio could be in trouble, Akron and Miami look to have even better seasons than last, Toledo and NIU still aren't missing a beat (and maybe Ball State as well), and Central and Eastern still look like hot garbage against opponents they really shouldn't.  Oh, and UMass still sucks.

WRITER'S NOTE:  The thoughts and views expressed in these answers are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the full views of the blog.  Sorry Jesse

2) After an opening weekend that saw more than a few tomato cans on MAC schedules, the big boys show up in Week 2 in the likes of Florida, Kentucky, Iowa, Mizzou, and Penn State. Any of the Power 5 get taken down by a MAC squad this weekend? Which one of the marquee games will have your attention?

NIU vs Northwestern.

I also like Ball State to maybe knock off Iowa as well, but NIU should gain complete control over the state of Illinois with this game with both B1G houseguests struggling to do anything.  NIU has been the top of the state, and now is the time to prove it against a shaky Wildcat squad.  On a related note, have you been to that field?  It's nice.  Also, Chicago kicks ass too so that's a plus.

Ohio struggled to down Kent State, so I can't see them beating a Kentucky squad.  Mizzou seems too powerful for Toledo.  Same goes for Penn State and Akron.  Florida will stream-roll EMU barring another weather postponement.

3) As Bowling Green was getting destroyed by Western Kentucky, it raised an interesting conundrum among the MAC fans. Do you root against your rivals and hope they take a shanking or should we band together as one MAC and hope for massive upsets? Does the quality of the team matter?

Rivals?  No, unless the game is REALLY huge (as in, your team wins money too if they win).  Otherwise, never rivals.  Everyone else in the MAC?  You cheer for no matter what in my opinion.  It looks good for the conference, and if your team is doing good, a win over them makes things even better.