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MAC Football Grinders of the Week: Week 2

Stats can be great, but every team needs a grinder, someone who just gets the job done, to help lead the way to victory.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 has come and gone already; the season is moving quickly. For the eighth time in as many years a MAC team has beaten one of those ugly schools from the Big Ten. There were plenty of fireworks this week across the board, but our list is full of deserving players who just so happen to be from winning schools this week.

Thomas Rawls - Running Back, Central Michigan University

Brandon Greer set the tone for this game with an interception return for a touchdown. This award though is given for production throughout the course of the entire game, and without Rawls CMU may have quickly watched this game slip away. Every time Purdue tried to generate a comeback it seemed as though Cooper Rush was there to give Rawls the pigskin. Rawls rumbled through the Boilermakers defense 31 times for 155 yards and 2 touchdowns. Oh by the way he also caught 3 passes for 50 yards.

Drew Hare - Quarterback, Northern Illinois University

I know, I know Hare threw for 100 yards big deal right? If you watched the Huskies beat Northwestern though, you already know just how valuable Hare was. If you didn't watch the upset, first off shame on you, second off in the fourth quarter he was the wood on the fire the Huskies had been looking for all game, tossing a huge touchdown pass to Da'Ron Brown, and rushing for another one. The stats may not look pretty, but the results do, and the Huskies are 2-0 and Hare has played a key role in that.

Travis Greene - Running Back, Bowling Green State University

This one is pretty easy. BGSU had an easy opponent, but with the week that lead up to this game BGSU wanted a good showing. Travis Greene racked up an impressive 7.2 yards per carry for 129 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns. This wasn't even the biggest role he played in the game. His ability to run and create big plays took the pressure off of his young quarterback James Knapke. The Falcons lost Matt Johnson this week, and they needed somebody to step up and right the ship, Greene was the guy this week.

There they are the MAC grinders of the week. Who did you like? Who do you hate? Who would you have voted for? Let us know below: