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2015 NFL Draft Bio: Jean Sifrin, TE - UMass Minutemen

Is he worth the gamble?

There are so many reasons not to draft Jean Sifrin. He only has one year of production. He's already 27, which means he is exiting his prime. He had less that 50 yards in seven of his eleven games.

Then again, there's this.

No really,

One more time for good measure.

Jean Sifrin has proven all season that he has the physical capabilities to make it in the NFL. If its not jumping over two defenders, its stiff arming a defender to gain another ten yards. Not enough playing time? In one year, Jean Sifrin was fourth in yards for all tight ends. Not MAC tight ends. All tight ends in the NCAA FBS division. That was with two games of UMass playing fans at quarterback. Seriously, fans. If you had seat 7, row 12, Section 201, you might have been quarterback for the Minutemen against the Zips.

Red zone threat? Sifrin has the sixth most touchdowns of all tight ends. Funny thing? He did all of this without being allowed to practice with the team before the season. Before the first game. He had a mere week of practice before he started doing this to teams. I know that the fourth time I dropped that link, but look at that. Its a thing of beauty.

Will his body be able to handle NFL punishment? Dude's got size: 6-foot-7 and weighs a promising 250 pounds. He's not going to be afraid of NFL players, NFL players are going to fear him. You know what other New England area player comes in around those vitals? Rob Gronkowski. Just saying.

Jean Sifrin might have some lingering questions around him. The only question that matters, though, is what team is going to steal him in the late rounds. has Jean Sifrin as a sixth round pick, the 12th best tight end on the board. For such a late round gamble, Sifrin sure seems like a sure thing.