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#MACtion Open Chat: three rivalries are always better than one!

Not one, not two, but THREE rivalries on the docket for this week. FANTASTIC.

This picture is from 2012, but the Battle of the Bricks has been around for a lot longer than that.
This picture is from 2012, but the Battle of the Bricks has been around for a lot longer than that.
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

There is nothing in this world quite like a rivalry game at any level, from the pros that get paid exorbitant amounts to play children's games, to the neighborhood baseball games on the sandlot. I dare say that out of all levels of sports, that college football gives us. the viewing public, the most entertaining matches.

Rivalry games in college are steeped in history, brewed with intensity, and served with a good amount of animosity. Thankfully for us fans of Mid-American Conference football, half of the slate is solely dedicated to these high-energy games this week, all starting at distinct times for our viewing pleasures. Rivalry Week comes at a pivotal time for the MAC, as the CMU-WMU and NIU-BSU games will most likely decide the fate of both programs in the MAC West race, and the Akron-EMU game will be pivotal in the MAC East race, where any loss could prove fatal for both teams' MAC East crown hopes, as BGSU are run-away favorites.

(Also related, but not terribly relevant: this week, Ohio and EMU celebrate Homecoming.)

Here is the schedule for this week:

Time Home Away TV/Stream
12:00 PM Western Michigan (1-3) Central Michigan (2-3) American Sports Network/ESPN3
2:00 PM Bowling Green (3-2) Massachusetts (1-3) Buckeye Cable Sports Network/ESPN3
2:00 PM Ohio (4-1) Miami (1-4) Time Warner Cable SportsChannel/ ESPN3
3:00 PM #24 Toledo (4-0) Kent State (2-3) ESPN3
3:00 PM Eastern Michigan (1-4) Akron (2-3) ESPN3
3:30 PM Northern Illinois (2-3) Ball State (2-3) ESPN3

Remember to take a drink in the spirit of #MACtion, answer our poll question, play nice in the comments, and don't be that guy.

Here are the Pick'em break-downs for the games:

CMU @ WMU is still a straight pick'em (50% each)
BGSU (95%) over UMass
Ohio (99%) over Miami
Toledo (95%) over Kent State
Akron (55%) over EMU
NIU (78%) over Ball State

Top 3 High Picks this week:

1. Bowling Green (53.7%)
2. Toledo (15.9%)
3. Ohio (11%)

Top 3 Low Picks this week:

1. Kent State (35.4%)
2. Miami (22%)
3. Eastern Michigan (13.4%)