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2015 Battle for the Victory Cannon: A video run-through of WMU's win

Another year, another Bronco victory over the Chips. Let's run through the sweet taste of victory

Jarvion Franklin = Beast Mode
Jarvion Franklin = Beast Mode
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, WMU won their fourth Victory Cannon trophy in the last five years, tying the two schools with trophies won.  WMU still owns the all-time series at 47-38-2.

So with the highest scoring rivalry game of all-time occurring yesterday, let's look back at some highlights, shall we?  Danny Braverman, kick us off some Chip beatin'.

I mean, when you can out-run everyone, why don't you?  All things aside (sorry, still cracking up at the announcer's pure excitement by the play), Braverman has some moves, and showed them by juking multiple defenders on that play.

And that was cool, for a minute.

Oh hai Asantay Brown.  Pickin' people's passes like you're picking noses.  Granted that this ended up being no points (Haldeman missed the field goal), it was still a nice play, and a beautiful return.

/noise in the distance

What's that?

/getting lower

Oh dear Lord, what's coming?


My goodness, he absolutely destroyed that defender.  I mean, we all knew he was strong, but he's only human, right?  Maybe not.  He sat him down like he was a grizzly bear.

Naturally, Corey Davis has to throw his hat in the ring now too.

And Danny Boy once more.

And then this to put the Chips away for good

Now I say away for good because that ended up being the winning score. But the 8+ minute drive to end the game really was the nail in the coffin, with Davis' leaping catch on 4th down being the finisher.  After a pair of kneels, it was time to celebrate.

Fight On, fellow Bronco fans!  Fight On!  She's home once more.