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Belt Loops: Pick the winner of Toledo Rockets vs. Bowling Green Falcons way before it happens

It's still a way's away, but it's still the only game you're looking forward to watching.

Toledo Athletics

I know there's a few games you might be looking forward to watching this year.

Pretty soon, Toledo and Northern Illinois are going to have to meet up in the Glass Bowl. That might be a cool watch.

Some Akron fans out there are going to look forward to hating those Kent Staters like they do every year. That might be a cool watch.

The Buffalo vs. UMass game might be pretty decent at the end of the year too. That might be a cool watch.

But none of them compare. Nothing that you've already seen this season will come close to what Toledo vs. Bowling Green should hold. These are the two best teams in the Mid-American Conference right now and that just might still be the case when they meet up at Doyt Perry Stadium on November 17. To be honest, I've been excited about the Battle of I-75 for a while and I'm not affiliated with either of them. I've been under the impression that these two will meet up in Detroit since February, but even a potential MAC Championship game meet-up isn't quite the same when they'd be playing with a different purpose in a different state.

November 17 is going to be freaking nuts and you should probably start getting excited for it now if you already haven't been.