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#MACtion Open Chat: Time to get criss-crossed in cross divisional play

Last year, the MAC West dominated the MAC East. With the East looking much improved this year, is it time for them to kick the MAC LEast moniker, or does the MAC West continue to run the show?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the MAC West went 16-3 against the MAC West, with two of the three losses coming at the expense of lowly Eastern Michigan (who surprisingly beat Buffalo).  The other loss came as UMass beat Ball State, who was one of the four MAC West teams to beat MAC East Champion Bowling Green last year.

This year, the MAC East looks much improved, with UMass returning a high powered offense, Ohio looking vastly improved on both sides of the ball, and Bowling Green's offense looking like one of the best in the nation.  However, the MAC West continues to be a force, with CMU, WMU, and NIU all looking solid in their own rights and Toledo eyeing the Group of Five bid in the New Year's Six bowls.

Today, we have three cross-divisional games with each division looking to gain an upper hand on the other.  The season series is tied at 1-1 with Toledo and Akron gaining wins over weaker Kent State and EMU teams.  Also, OH LOOK!  Non-conference action!

12:00 PM Western Michigan Ohio ESPN3
12:00 PM Eastern Michigan #22 Toledo ESPN3
1:00 PM Buffalo Central Michigan ESPN3
2:30 PM Northern Illinois Miami ESPN3
3:00 PM Georgia State Ball State ESPN3
3:00 PM Akron Bowling Green ESPN3
3:30 PM Kent State Massachusetts ESPN3

So get your popcorn ready and get ready for a great day of MACtion.  Join our crack team of analysts as we yell at each other about how good our teams are.  As always, comment responsibly.

Pick'em spreads:

Ohio (64%) over WMU
Toledo (99%) over EMU
CMU (85%) over Buffalo
NIU (97%) over Miami
Ball State (81%) over Georgia State
Bowling Green (95%) over Akron
UMass (63%) over Kent State

Top 3 High Teams:

1.  Toledo (33.3%)
2.  Bowling Green (30.7%)
3.  NIU (14.7%)

Top 3 Low Teams:

1.  Miami (41.3%)
2.  EMU (37.3%)
3.  UMass (6.7%)