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Eastern Michigan Eagles vs. LSU Tigers football: A drinkin' game

You'll thank me later.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Eastern Michigan Eagles have the worst rushing defense the FBS has to offer right now. Army controlled the ball for over 40 minutes in their 58-36 win on Saturday. They ran the ball a total of 71 times for 578  yards and seven scores and now the Eagles have to travel to Baton Rouge to try and stop the best running back in college football.

At some point, one would assume that this could get out of control really fast and you'll want to drink. Or something insane goes down and this turns into the one everybody's changing their channels to. Anyways, I've decided to make a drinking game out of this because why not? Go grab a beer. Or a drink. Or something. We're all just having fun here. There's enough crying and screaming on Twitter leading up to this game and I just want to have some fun with it.


Start of every quarter

Every time somebody scores

An extra one if LSU scores through the air

An extra one if it's a defensive touchdown

An extra one if it's #PIESMAN worthy

Somebody goes for it on fourth down (an extra one if they're successful)

They mispronounce Ypsilanti

The broadcasters bring up the EMU vs. Army game

EMU has a 20+ yard play on offense

They bring up Creighton's coaching history

An extra one if they bring up him playing a season in Sweden

If any of these are being replayed

"Herschel Walker"

Fournette has a rush under 10 yards

EMU gets a first down through the air

Either team goes for a fake punt

An extra one if they end up losing yards and turning it over.

They talk about Jordan Lynch

An extra one if it's because they were talking about Matt Johnson

They talk about the '87 California Bowl

They talk about tailgate recipes

If they interview somebody about the tailgate food and they say it took a week to prepare


TJ Lang, Jason Jones, LJ Shelton, Kevin Walter...

Too easy, but it's necessary.

Bound to happen once or twice, sure!

Some trivial knowledge for ye



LSU punts

EMU is leading at the end of a drive

Leonard Fournette comes out of the game

James Pensyl comes in the game

Missed field goal

Les Miles munches on the grass