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Ohio Bobcats vs. Akron Zips football preview: Talkin' sMACk

IT'S ABOUT FOOTBALL TIME. With the Zips coming off a resounding victory, Ohio looks to come into Infocision and cause a ruckus. Two of our writers throw some harsh words at each other in some sMACk talk.

Tommy Woodson looks to solidify his hold on the starting QB job.
Tommy Woodson looks to solidify his hold on the starting QB job.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Though their rivalry might not be as intense on the gridiron as it is in the basketball court, this conference game has a lot of meaning for two teams who want to jump out to 1-0. Our contributors Brandon Hickey and Kaleb Carter duke it out with their words. Let's get lippy.

Brandon: Alright let's get to it. Akron is 2-2 this year and riding...what's that word...some momentum? Is that it? Winning streaks do not happen in the Akron football program that much so don't hate us Zips fans for enjoying this.

That leads us to Saturday, which pits 3-1 Ohio against Akron in the wish-this-was-a-rivalry-like-basketball homecoming game at InfoCision Stadium. Even though Akron has lost seven in a row to Ohio (super sad face), this is the year we finally break the Bobkitties. We finally found a quarterback after seven years to break apart the Ohio defense like we did in the 2013 MAC Tournament Championship game.

So, Kaleb, you thinking the Bobcats make it 8 in a row like every other Ohio fan?

Kaleb: Brandon, if it was possible to win two games in one, Ohio would do it this weekend against Akron. The Zips have zilch. No chance. Nada.

As for the sake of momentum, as all good MAC fans know, only lasts in short intervals for the former factory of sadness known as InfoCision Stadium - Summa Field. (Now the factory of sadness is the other "Factory" in our midst now in Ypsi.

Remember when Akron came in and was supposed to beat Ohio in Athens last year? Hahahaha I do. Say hey to your boy Tommy Woodson for me. He seems to be back behind center once more. Y'all are excited that your quarterback can run AND complete 50% of his passes? Easy to impress these Akronites! He didn't even complete half of his passes in our game last year, and he was sacked three times. I'm sure he's ready to feel another afternoon of PAIN.

And typical Zippy. Always falling back on a basketball team that in all reality is regressing huh? BOBKITTIES GOT YOUR NUMBER.

Brandon: BABY STEPS KALEB. We're getting there. It's hard to brag about a football team that hasn't had a winning season for like ten years or something.

I feel like OU expended all their energy trying to beat a low-level B1G team last week and will certainly be looking forward to their real rivalry game with Miami next week right? Right? And...WE HAVE TO FOCUS ON BASKETBALL IT'S ALL WE HAVE.

Kaleb: Even if we were looking ahead, it wouldn't be enough for the Zips and their paltry offensive attack to run away with a victory. Let's take a look shall we? You couldn't muster any offense against a Pittsburgh team you defeated last season, and that was supposed to be the victory that propelled your team upwards. And what, because you beat a UL-Lafayette team that no one expected you to defeat, you're gonna welcome these CLAWIN' CATS into your house and whip 'em? I SAY NO. You all and your 181 yards through the air a game are not gonna do it. Your defense can only shoulder so much of the burden.

Brandon: I'm gonna go ahead and drop the overrated tag on OU. How does that feel? You barely won at Idaho who barely beats FCS teams. You beat a Marshall team that barely beat Kent State in double OT. You lost to a low-end Big Ten team because your kicker doesn't know that a blown whistle means to stop what you're doing. You're 3-1 but are you a good 3-1? Yeah, Akron hasn't beaten anyone either, so we're even.

Kaleb: I would hardly argue that Minnesota is a bad team being owners of back-to-back 8-5 records, but you know, whatever gets the fighting boring Terry Bowdens going in a positive direction. We'll help you to see the light of a good MAC program. We know it has been so long since the Zips have seen the light of day. Good thing your defense is carrying you all and you haven't dropped off the face of earth yet. Where is Jawon Chisholm anyway? You think Woodson is going to carry the run game? And Conor Hundley? Nahhh. Fat chance of putting together anything against Quentin Poling and crew. See you at OHIO POLYTECHNIC WHEN WE WHIP YOUR BEHINDS

What say you Zippy and Bobkitty fans? Talk some sMACk in the comments.