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Helmet Stickers: Roger Lewis isn't human

Week eight comes to a close, and not much has changed. Especially not Bowling Green's offense.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The ending of weekends is a somber experience, especially for the football fan. The emotional peaks and valleys of watching our favorite teams battle on the gridiron are traded in for the valleys of a place called "real life," and we are forced to wait out an entire week of monotony before getting back to what truly drives us in this world, MAC football.

But the ending of week eight is supposed to bring great joy, and not just because the games have been of the "meh" variety as of late, but because the MAC starts playing on weeknights again. I say supposed to bring joy, because it's been brought to my attention that many of you, in fact, hate puppies.


Hatred of things that bring joy to this dark world aside, it's time for the weekly Helmet Sticker round up, and you may have been keeping up with the inhuman feats of these first three names.

Matt Johnson, Roger Lewis, Ronnie Moore - Must See TV

Let's get a few things straight. First, you can't stop this Bowling Green offense. You can only hope to outscore it. Second, you're out of your mind if you believe Matt Johnson doesn't belong in the Heisman Trophy conversation. He proved that once again on Saturday against Kent State, and while the Flashes are certainly hapless on the offensive end, they are no slouches defensively and even boast one of the league's best secondary players in Demetrius Monday. It was one of the leagues best defenses that Johnson tossed five touchdown passes against. It was one of the league's best defenses that Ronnie Moore and Roger Lewis torched for over 100 yards each, both sporting pairs of touchdown grabs. Oh, and this happened:

Sure, that's cool and all, but it's not a one handed grab in the corn-

If people want the FBI to look into officiating, it's certainly not too much to ask for a ruling on Lewis' status as a native of Earth.

Okezie Alozie - Twice is NIce

Anything worth doing once is worth doing twice. This is a good way to describe Okezie Alozie's stance on interceptions. Precious few passes fall into the arms of an opposing linebacker, and Alozie made the most of these opportunities on Saturday, snagging a pair of picks in Buffalo's total domination of Ohio. Alozie also found his way into the Ohio backfield to sack the ever-elusive Derrius Vick, which is never an easy task. It's a pretty good response for the Bulls' defense as well coming off being totally exposed against a shockingly prolific Central Michigan attack.

Drew Hare - We found him!

Whew. We were starting to wonder when Drew Hare was going to show up to the 2015 season. NIU's signal caller simply hasn't been the player many expected so for this season, but playing Eastern Michigan is always a fantastic opportunity to look like the best version of yourself in a football game, and Hare made the most of that chance. Hare threw for just under 300 yards, but found the end zone four times en route to a 49-21 thrashing of the Eagles. Will we see more helmet stickers for Hare in the coming weeks? Perhaps, but again, not every defense is EMU's.

Daniel Braverman - Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Danny Braverman could be getting paid on Sundays for what he's currently doing to defenders on Saturdays. I'm no draft expert, but he appears to be building quite the case. Last week he was making a circus catch while sitting down in the end zone, and this week he's just adding another pair of scores and catching double digit passes yet again while being one of the toughest players in the country to bring down with a solo tackle. I'm not sure how catching passes on your butt translates to the next level, but I'm sure being tough to tackle is a good skill to have.

Tajae Sharpe - speaking of the NFL

Sharpe is going to play in the league, and I'm pretty confident saying that. I mean, he seems pretty comfortable playing in NFL stadiums as it is, catching 13 passes for 159 yards and a pair of scores in Gillette Stadium. We're all pretty spoiled that we get to watch this crop of wide outs in the MAC right now. In fact, check out this robust crowd of fans excited to check out some future professional talent on a Saturday afternoon:

Late arriving crowd?

Cody Thompson - Second Half Surge

In the early going of the Rockets' game against UMass it looked like Phillip Ely was determined to throw as many passes as possible to the wrong team, which is not really something his wide receivers enjoyed too much. But the second half proved much more productive for Toledo, especially for Thompson who hauled in two touchdown passes in the final two quarters of the Rocket victory, putting to rest my concerns about Toledo's ability to read a schedule.

That was probably the bulk of Matt Campbell's halftime speech.

The arrival of weeknight games once again is a reminder of what makes this conference famous. Close games featuring a ton of points. Unfortunately, many games of late have featured a ton of points for just one of the teams playing. Hopefully America's favorite conference gets back on track this week with some of the exciting finishes we were treated to earlier on in the season. I sound spoiled. Maybe I hate puppies.