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College Football Rankings: Toledo finally cracks in at No. 24

The undefeated Rockets are now ranked in the AP Polls, 15th on the S&P rankings too.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Toledo Rockets are finally ranked in the polls. Just missing out in the Coaches polls, Toledo is the No. 24 team after continuing their success on the road against Ball State. The S&P polls is data-driven whereas the AP and Coaches polls are subjective (See: Ohio State below). Anyways, the Rockets are the No. 15 team by their rankings.

The Rockets received 87 points in the AP voting, 22 more than No. 25 Boise State and 146 less than No. 23 California.

AP Coaches S&P
1 Ohio State (38) Ohio State (50) Alabama
2 TCU (5) TCU (4) Oklahoma
3 Baylor (10) Michigan State (1) Michigan
4 Michigan State Baylor (5) Clemson
5 Utah (7) LSU (1) Florida
6 Clemson Clemson USC
7 LSU Utah (1) West Virginia
8 Alabama Florida State Florida State
9 Texas A&M (1) Oklahoma LSU
10 Oklahoma Alabama Stanford
11 Florida Texas A&M Duke
12 Florida State Florida Notre Dame
13 Northwestern Ole Miss Louisville
14 Ole Miss Northwestern Ole Miss
15 Notre Dame Notre Dame Toledo
16 Stanford Georgia Wisconsin
17 USC USC Arkansas
18 Michigan Stanford Boston College
19 Georgia Oklahoma State Utah
20 UCLA UCLA Penn State
21 Oklahoma State Michigan Navy
22 Iowa California Texas A&M
23 California Iowa Iowa
24 Toledo Boise State Minnesota
25 Boise State Memphis Ohio State

Other receiving votes: Oregon 39, Duke 31, Houston 31, Temple 23, Memphis 19, Navy 19, Arizona St. 15, Mississippi St. 11, West Virginia 8, Texas Tech 4, BYU 3, Kansas St. 1, Missouri 1