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Miami RedHawks vs. Ohio Bobcats football preview: Talkin' sMACk

Ohio is coming off a win. Miami is not. Ohio has won eight of the last nine meetings. Miami is at home. It's a rivalry game. Throw all logic out the window right? It's time for some sMACk talk.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Nothing but bad blood in a fall clash between Bobcats and RedHawks. We have plenty of words to use. Will they be bad words? Only you can make the choice to read further and find out.

Kaleb: Okay Jordan, I know we're here to talk about a football game. I know Ohio is supposed to play someone this week. Who could it be? I don't see an opponent on the schedule. I see that Miami is on the schedule, but I think that it's just supposed to be some kind of glorified exhibition/ warmup where the Bobcats run through the 'Hawks like a "College of Faith" prep school or something of that sort. Am I right in that assessment?

Jordan: You're right Kaleb: it's not a game, it's the Battle of the Bricks, a series that Miami has pretty much dominated, including 2012 where the RedHawks did the country a favor and knocked them out of the top 25. How is Ohio doing? 5-1, which usually means it hasn't had its mid to late season collapse yet which is coming.

Kaleb: Oh yes, that's right. That game we've won EIGHT of the last NINE years. That Battle of the Bricks. Now I recall. Thanks for reminding me. It's fun of you to mention that victory (which was particularly disappointing for us Ohio fans), but I ask of you, when was the last time Miami had reason to be that excited that late into a season? It sure hasn't happened in recent years.  I'm not worried about this 'Cats team. The teams of the past no longer resemble this Ohio squad. The groups of players that were notorious for those collapses are not part of the program any longer.

Jordan: Okay, okay, so Miami hasn't played in a meaningful late season game in forever (THANKS TREADWELL) but who have the Bobcats beaten this year other than Akron, Ohio's JUCO? While the 'Hawks have struggled for a while, they have been a tough out in the MAC under Martin and were a handful of plays away of putting down the Bobkittens a season ago, and are coming into Athens much more balanced on offense than they were last year.

Kaleb: Balanced offense? Well I mean, for Miami maybe this is acceptable, but we have higher expectations for our team here in Athens. 17.4 points per game for your 1-4 team whose only victory is against Presybterian? And you just lost to Kent read, Kent write Kent State?  Laughs all around here for these Bobkitties. We'll tell you what matters here. Actual victories.

Jordan: No, what really matters in Athens is an unimpeded path from Peden to Court Street. But in all seriousness, aside from Presbyterian, Miami has mostly played teams that will finish with winning records and it wasn't going to light the scoreboard up against KSU's top ten defense. But what about Ohio's offense? Does it have a competent passing game this year, or is another average to above average running back carrying this team?

Kaleb: I mean, putting up 14 against Kent State in a losing effort is probably not as good as putting up 24 points and 346 yards against a damn good defensive squad on the road in Minnesota. It just might be a bit better. And that's in addition to averaging 31.8 points per game on 420 yards per game offensively. Miami? Try 355 yards per game in addition to those 17 points per game for the 'Hawks as previously mentioned.  I mean, is Gus Ragland all you have? Where are your weapons? And do we need to even compare our defenses?

Jordan: Don't you dare smear the name of #BigGameGus. Miami is two years removed from being arguable the worst team in the country and it shows. It doesn't have the girth on either side of the line of scrimmage to compete at a high level and the team doesn't have very much depth on defense (DAMMIT TREADWELL). Granted the Bobcat defense looks good, but you and I both know that a good MAC defense is about as useful as a MAC West degree: it's nice to have but don't try to rely on it when it matters.

Kaleb: TREADWELL BE PRAISED. I mean, it's all good and fun to bash the MAC West (hahahahahaha screw those guys, jk I love them too), but it's even more fun to bash the guys who are supposed to be getting better under Chuck Martin, but I'M NOT SEEING IT.  I'll take Quentin Poling and crew (who Miami has no equal to and I played against Heath Harding in high school) over the 'Hawks, ANY DAY. Plus it's homecoming, we'll have a ton of anti-Miami vitriol fueling our squad for the entirety of the lead-up to this game. It's going to get the 'Cats pumped. This will be a thrashing.

Jordan: It's hard to improve when your roster sucks and nearly half of your offensive starters are freshmen. This will be a very fun game to watch since Ohio will get Miami's best shot and the Bobcats really don't have the personnel to really roll anyone. I expect both freshman running backs to have a big day on the ground and all three quarterbacks will make critical plays down the stretch to get the job done. The line for the game is even, so expect the battle to live up to its namesake.

What say you MAC fans?