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MAC West Division Championship Scenarios

With the West going down to the wire, any one of three teams could win the divisional championship. We break-down the tie-breakers if they are needed

NOTE: This article has been updated through the games on 11/24

So far, this season has been everything we've wanted and more from the MAC West.  Two teams are very much in the thick of things, with all eyes on a trip to Detroit.  Here are the remaining schedules for the teams in the hunt.

TEAM Toledo Northern Illinois
MAC RECORD 6-1 6-2
WEEK 13 vs WMU L vs Ohio

Toledo now has a chance to sneak away with the division.  Here's how each team can win the West

Northern Illinois wins the West

Scenario #1:  Toledo loses to WMU

How it plays out: With wins over both the Broncos and Rockets, they'd have a 2-0 head-to-head record without CMU.  With CMU, it would go to combined head-to-head.  They'd have a 2-1 record, as would Western Michigan.  CMU and Toledo would drop out with 1-2 records and then it would go to NIU vs WMU head-to-head, which the Huskies own.

Toledo wins the West

Scenario #1: Toledo beats WMU

How it plays out: Toledo is 7-1 over two or three 6-2 teams