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Battle of I-75: Q&A with Ya Boy Matt Campbell

He's back!

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Last time Ya Boy came to hangout with the Belt, the Toledo Rockets went on to fall by 5 to Northern Illinois. This time is different. Now Toledo's riding a 5-game win streak against Bowling Green, and they're hungry. And Ya Boy's got some words to say.

Hey there coach. Last time we did one of these, you were getting ready to face Northern Illinois. Have you done anything differently to get yourself ready for Bowling Green?

Three things:

1. I ate bacon and eggs this morning instead of my usual light yogurt with granola

2. Instead of going to pilates and watching I actually participated this week

3. Drove the Phantom today (drove the Chrysler Town and Country two weeks ago and I don't want to talk about it)

Do you think practices have been harder since the loss against NIU?

Fo sho. We really went hard this week I mean Sunday's Red Rover game was easily the most physical one we've had all year. Also instead of just handing out orange slices and Capri Sun after practices I made everyone complete a word search first. Apparently they call it positive reinforcement or whatever.

This one on Tuesday is going to be in Bowling Green. What do you like the least about Doyt Perry Stadium?

Probably the referees who will be inside making me sad but also being surrounded by so many people with STDs. It's super discomforting.

Is there anything about it that you do like?


Lots of people are telling me to stop at Pollyeye's when I head to BG, but is there anywhere worth my time when I go through Toledo first?

You should definitely stop at Deja Vu on Byrne for their afternoon seafood buffet/lap dance special. Be sure to ask for Candice, Dakota, or Cinnamon they'll take good care of you. Tell 'em Matty C sent ya.

I'm hoping to see a lot of people show up and tailgate at the game, even though it's a 6 p.m. start. What are some songs that you'd be blasting at a tailgate?

I would start out real chill with some Enya then gradually pick up the pace with a little "Like a Virgin" by Madonna. Then you really start kickin' ass with some "Everybody Now" by the Backstreet Boys and the entire NWA discography. FYI I would avoid anything by Drake and the Michigan fight song. It's horrible and everyone knows it.

Lot of people think Dino Babers could leave BGSU this year and head for a different coaching job. You think that'll happen?

Just do what I did Dino: GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE, come back real quick to tease everyone and also for the stuffed breadsticks, THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE AGAIN.

Who can do more push-ups: you or Babers?

I think a better question is can John Cena do more pushups than me.

Got a prediction of the game?

I'll leave you with a prediction in the form of a gameday haiku:
Poop-colored jerseys
An RKO to Babers
UT wins again