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Ball State Cardinals vs. Ohio Bobcats football preview: Talkin' sMACk

Ball State gets a chance to soil Ohio's senior night. Two of our writers came to blows over both team's chances on that matter.

The Ball State Cardinals are 3-7 but can salvage something with a road win at ohio.
The Ball State Cardinals are 3-7 but can salvage something with a road win at ohio.
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Game time approaches and we all get a bit giddy for Wednesday night #MACtion. Ohio is still fighting to ensure that it finds its way to a good bowl game. Ball State's defense has struggled in what has been a disappointing season for the folks in Muncie. None of this means that the Cards can't things up on senior night for the 'Cats. Anyhoo, time to get to the FIGHTIN'.

Kaleb: ALRIGHT MAX. IT'S TIME TO LAY THE SMACK DOWN. I'll lay it on behalf of Ohio since we know that the Ball State defense sure won't do it. What has happened to Lembo's boys anyway?

Max: HEY NOW. Be nice. We're just a little shaky lately. Yes, giving up over 700 yards to Western Michigan is (very) embarrassing, but before that we held a supposedly good UMass offense to just ten points. Things are a bit back and forth here in Muncie, but I saw your Bobcats give WMU 49 points and 41 from Buffalo? C'mon. I won't even talk about Bowling Green. What's the deal with our defenses?!

Kaleb: Very good? UMass? In the same sentence? I chuckle. And hee haw. And gwafaa. And what other odd laughning noises I can utter. That team hasn't put up more than 28 in three weeks. They've won two games. They're not good. Thank goodness Quentin Poling (back from injury) and the Ohio defense are back at it. At least the Ohio defense is coming off a shut out? What does Ball State have going for it recently? Putting up 20 points against the Minutemen is nothing to get too stoked about.  Your Cards better get their stuff together! It just won't be this week.

Max: Alright the UMass thing was a big of a joke, be nice. Gotta give Riley Neal and the BSU offense some credit. Other than last week's game, we've been decent. Neal isn't turning the ball over, and the ground game has continued to be what we need it to be. Note that our speedy wide receiver Corey Lacanaria will be back from suspension as well. I always think we can score anywhere from 20-40 points but it's the defensive secondary that worries me. Is that something that Ohio might be looking to take advantage of?

Kaleb: Ain't no time to be nice here! The thing is, Ohio actually does a pretty good job of maintaining a solid turnover margin. Ohio has actually been living on the ground over its last two games with a total of 632 yards rushing, and here we are again, playing a team that gives it up in large goopy gobbs.  This is an Ohio team that also had a margin of 22 first downs to Kent State's 8 last time out. Be very afraid Mr. Riley Neal and crew.

Max: I'm gonna admit I'm a little worried, especially with the game being AT Ohio. I'm worried but the hope I do have rests in the legs of Darian Green and James Gilbert, and also in the ability of Jordan Williams to go up and over defenders. If the defense can play decently, we've got a shot. The over/under is 52.5, which are you taking? And Ohio's an 8.5 point favorite. I don't think they cover.

Kaleb: I'll say over.  I think Ohio's doing well enough on the ground game right now that we can reasonablyn expect 5+ touchdowns from the 'Cats tomorrow. Even then, BSU would have to score, but I'd spot them a couple scores anyway, especially considering the jump from the Flashes to the Cards who are hungry for a fight. I say Ohio definitely covers.

Max: I don't think it'll get out of hand, but I'll sacrifice my duties as a Cardinal for a few and I'm going to pick Ohio. Let's say.... A comfortable 38-30 win. I think the Bobcats get it done at home. Got a score for me?!

Kaleb: Let's go with Ohio 38, Ball State 21! Ohio gets around 250 on the ground and 200 through the air. And keeps the Cardinals offense in check until garbage time.