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Ball State football has more questions than answers at this point

Ball State hit a new low on Thursday. Bottom line, the true question is: What happened, Pete?

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

That was unacceptable.

There's no other way to put it. Ball State was completely outclassed by Western Michigan on Thursday night. The Broncos rolled off 412 first half yards, and set an all-time school record of 711 total yards in their 54-7 weeknight destruction of Ball State.

Zach Terrell only missed two first half passes for Western, and at one point, he had 12 straight completions. Where is the improvement to this defense? They're still awful, and Thursday showed that they continue to fall lower and lower, even when it seems they hit rock bottom.

I understand Western has play makers, I understand that in many ways, we're a young team, but there's no excuses for that. Absolutely none. Western Michigan is NOT 47 points better than Ball State, and the program is now at a critical state.

For the second straight season, Ball State will not be going bowling, and the coaching staff continues to be unable to develop talent. Why is Riley Neal is getting worse with every week? Why is this passing defense consistently declining, week after week?

What happened to this team?

There is no solid answer. The talent is there, the experience is there, on both sides of the ball. Turnarounds won't come quick, but Ball State has showed at times that they could compete in the MAC West. Other times, including last night, they lay down and get demolished by a team that isn't that much better on paper.

I'm pretty sure that I can speak for all of Ball State nation. I'm fed up. This is has to stop.

Hopefully over the last two games we see some answers, and not any more question marks.