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HEY LOOK, A PTERODACTYL: Paying Out Boise State’s Blog Bet

OBNUG gets to take over least for one article.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Representing Hustle Belt & Northern Illinois in the Poinsettia Bowl, I made a side bet with the good folks over at One Bronco Nation Under God, the Boise State blog. The terms were simple: the winner of the Poinsettia Bowl gets to post an article on the losing team's blog...well we all know how the game turned out.

And we're people of our word so, with out further ado, here's what OBNUG's Russ Wood had to say:

HEY LOOK, A PTERODACTYL: Paying Out Boise State's Blog Bet

Roll (over and die) Tide.
I sure don't like Alabama. For some reason, I get the feeling we will never see a College Football Playoff without them involved. Every time they lose to someone, they end up ranked above them still. How are they a better team than Ole Miss, who settled that question on the field and not at a board table involving Condy Rice?

I sure love pistachios! My wife always makes sure Santa knows to put a bag in my stockings. Then the kids get into them and there's shell shrapnel all over the danged carpet on my barefoot holiday. Still like ‘em, though.

Did anyone else notice all the rainbows they showed during the Hawai'i Bowl? What would happen if you refused to make a cake of Hawai'i?

Speaking of leprechauns, they're most likely not real, but I've never been to Ireland, so I can't say for sure.

The person I share an office with at work brews her coffee fresh every morning. I'm not a coffee drinker, but when I'm in the supermarket and I walk past the coffee section, the smell always reminds me of Disneyland. Then I smell "fresh brewed," and it smells like beef stew on the burner plate. Someone should sue for false advertising.

I invented a jet pack once, but it never really took off.

One time, I played "Houdini" with my little brother. I let him tie me up, and I escaped easily. Then it was my turn. I hog tied him with his hands and feet behind his back, then threw a loop around his neck so if he struggled, he would strangle himself. To top it off, I yanked his pants down and ran the rope between his cheeks, so too much movement would cause rope burn. Mom had guests over, so he wasn't going to call for help with his knickers at half-mast. I said goodbye, and left him there for a while. It wasn't even a contest!

Then one day I heard about someone who was picking on him in school. Never before had I wanted to kick someone's butt so badly! Nobody messed with my little brother! (I didn't actually kick the kid's butt, but I did fantasize scaring a few years of life off him with some smartly-worded points about his appearance.)

Question: If you knocked over a Domino's pizza, would all the buildings behind it fall down, too?

All I really want to do over my holiday break is read books, watch movies, and make good food. I love a good stay-cation in the winter! So why, all-of-a-sudden, does everyone want me to leave the comforts of a warm fire and change out of my flannel pajamas to travel all over creation?

Another question: If my wife's sister's husband's father dies, am I obligated to go to the funeral?

My dog ate my dictionary. I'm at a loss for words.

So I'll just end this here, I guess. Trust me, I wanted to write about anything except the Poinsettia Bowl. We "Little Sisters of the Poor" need to stick together! I just hope someday we can meet in a true playoff, where every conference champ gets a shot and not just the popular kids.

Go Huskies!