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Bill Connelly previews the 2015 Eastern Michigan Eagles football season

"Fans got a short glimpse of what a good EMU might look like in a few years, and the goal for 2015 is a longer glimpse. This isn't going to be a very good team, but it could be a bad team that plays like it did against Buffalo a few times instead of only once. The Eagles host four teams that ranked 105th or worse in F/+ last year, so if the good performances are well-timed, the win total could trump last year's.

Get Reggie Bell some more experience, and give him some high-upside weapons, be they freshmen, redshirt freshmen, or veterans in larger roles. Figure out a core for the offensive line. Prep replacements for a front six that will probably be starting four seniors. Find weapons for Brad McCaslin. Build, build, build. That's what you do in a Factory, right?"

Read Connelly's complete preview by clicking here.