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Bill Connelly previews the 2015 Akron Zips football season

There are questions for Terry Bowden to answer in 2015. The receiving corps and defensive backfield have holes to fill, and while there are new, intriguing options at quarterback, there are no guarantees of improvement. Akron was indeed incredibly unstable from week to week, and Bowden has to prove that was because of inexperience and not the coaching staff.

Still, between the exciting new batch of transfers and the ease of the schedule, I would be shocked if Akron wasn't bowling this coming winter. Bowden has done a solid job of raising expectations within the hapless program he inherited, and I'm betting 2015 is when he reaps some rewards. He will have one of the most athletic, exciting teams in the conference, and if his Zips go 1-1 against CMU and BGSU, they could produce a record gaudy enough to threaten for the division title. This should be a fun year.

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