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Former Miami RedHawks star Quinten Rollins talks football experience

I talked to the NFL Draft prospect and chatted with him about his path to football, the NFL Draft process and his time in the MAC.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

When you first told your friends and family what was their reaction to you trying out for football?

Their reactions were pretty excited. Some people asked if I wanted to give it a try since it had been awhile since I had played. But overall it was definitely positive and encouraging. A lot of people thought I was a football player already.

When you were on the trial basis during spring ball were there moments early on where you thought you might not get the scholarship?

During the trial basis I never thought I was not going to get the scholarship. I was getting better each day and if you are thinking negative like that you shouldn't be out here anyway. I saw what kind of athlete I was and I was one of the better one on the field. I had to catch up to speed because you can't just rely on your athleticism but I was getting better each day so I never thought that I wasn't going to make it.

Did having a head coach like Coach Martin with is DB position coach history help you to make the transition as well as you did?

Coach Martin was the OC so he only got to coach me up in one on ones. Now hes on the defense this year but he was the OC last year. He was on the offensive end trying to get it right.

Was there a moment in practice or a game where you realized that you were the best player on the field?

No honestly I don’t look at myself like that. I mean you can take that in a wrong way but im just trying to get better,. I was confident in myself and my abilities and to get better and help the team.

During the interview part of the combine how have teams viewed the fact that you only played one year of football?

Positive, pretty positive. Some questioned only the one year and if I really know the game but a majority saw it as a positive. I’m not groomed to one way of playing so they can develop me as a player better.

What was the best part of the combine for you?

The best part was competing on the last day. The whole thing was pretty great but I was just blessed to be there honestly. But yeah that last day of just competing against the DBs was the best, just to get out there and compete.

What was the cooler moment for you, meeting Snoop Dogg or signing with Adidas?

(*laughs*) Signing with Adidas and meeting Snoop go hand and hand. To be able to sign with Adidas was great and meeting Uncle Snoop was also pretty cool.

How'd you get to meet Snoop?

Snoop is a part of Adidas so all the guys got to meet him at the combine at an Adidas event. He welcome us to the family and wished us a good career.

Is he the most famous person you've met during this process?

Well, I've met a lot of NFL greats when I was meeting with teams but worldwide I'd have to say Snoop is the most famous.

How did you prepare for the Combine?

I was out in California training in Santa Ana. I couldn't have been in a better situation with good players and had great opportunities to get better. I had a position coach to fine tune me on techniques to get ready for drills. I just couldn't have asked for a better staff to work with. I worked my butt off and hopefully in will payoff in a couple of weeks.

Are you still training to get your body ready for the NFL?

Oh yeah work never stops man, work never stops. I'm not taking no breaks because I haven't earned no breaks.

Where will you watch the Draft?

I’ll be at home with my family. Probably at my aunt's house or something.

Alright let's talk about the MAC. What was the best moment for you?

That first win against UMass was best moment. They hadn't won a game in like 22 tries and then for us to get that first win and that monkey off our back was pretty cool. Getting the win against Kent State was pretty good too.

Individually what was your favorite play that you made?

The pick six against Ohio. I've never had one and to get to that was pretty cool.

Who was the best wide receiver you lined up against?

Probably Titus Davis form CMU. His brother (Corey) is pretty good at Western. He could be better than Titus down the road but last year Titus was probably the best guy I faced.

Are you a trash talker on the field?

Nah, that’s not what I'm here to do but if someone does it to me I’ll let them know. I don’t go come out of the gate looking to do that but if they’re jawing I’ll get in there.

Were there any teams that really talked trash to you?

UC (Cincinnati) was talking all game. They saying things about my mom plus they beat us up pretty good and won the game. I want to play them again though for sure.

How do you think the 2014 season went for you?

It was great and all but I wish the team did better. It was tough and you know winning solves everything. Even when we got blow out in some games we were still pretty good. It was just that the offense would catch fire but not he defense and then the defense would catch fire and then the offense wouldn't. We were scary good though. I couldn't ask for a better season though.

You're a part of the Speed Stick #DefyTheDoubt campaign. What is it and how did you get involved?

Speed Stick came at me and we were able to partner up. They saw my story and liked it and it fit into the campaign. I'm just ready to defy the doubt. I was doubted on my journey to football and I'm over coming that and continuing this journey and getting better.

Favorite scent of Speed Stick is?

I like the fresh, the gel kind. I always wore that as a kid before I partnered with Speed Stick.

This last one is for the Miami fans. How will the RedHawks do in 2015?

They’ll be better but if not this year definitely next year. This schedule in 2015 isn't too bad other than Wisconsin so it has kind of turned down. They got young players who need game experience. So if its not this year then definitely next year in 2016 is going to be their year.