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2015 NFL Draft: Four MAC players to watch in undrafted free agency

These players may sneak into round 7 but most likely will have to earn their spot on a roster as an UDFA.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

These players have various things that make them unattractive as draft picks to NFL teams but that doesn't mean they won't get a roster invite. These are in no particular order.

1. Casey Pierce-TE, Kent State

You can't help but feel bad for this guy. After being apart of that great 2012 Kent State team that went undefeated in the MAC the program went downhill fast. He showed nice promise his junior year and in his senior year he was the Kent State offense. He led them in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. You know just all the important categories.

So why isn't he getting more love? Well there is the good stats in a bad offense argument. I mean someone had to get catches and a subpar quarterback like Colin Reardon is likely to look to his tight end for help. That is a weaker argument but it has some reasoning behind it.

At 6-4 he has decent height but teams love the 6-6 monsters that can tower over secondaries. His athleticism doesn't set him apart from his competition either.

He may sneak into the 7th round but most likely this former Golden Flash will have to earn a spot the hard way.

2. Junior Sylvestre-OLB, Toledo

Had a fantastic junior season with 118 total tackles and made the first-team All-MAC. He had a lot of hype for his senior year and managed to record 100 total tackles with 9.5 for a loss. Despite putting up pretty good numbers he took a minor step back in some eyes and fell off the radar. Only one draft site,, has him fairly high at 254 overall. Most don't have him getting drafted and only CBSsports seems to be very high on him.

NFL teams don't like when players take a step back in their senior year and with decreased production it can be interpreted that way.

There's also the size issue. Listed at just under 6 foot will hinder the young man. He does have very good speed but that makes him a tweener of an OLB and safety. They hybrid position is usually reserved for proven players so he will need to make an impression to whatever camp he gets invited to.

3. Gabe Martin-OLB, Bowling Green

Both he and D.J. Lynch may be getting overlooked but Martin is probably the better of the two in terms of the NFL. Martin has okay size at 6-2, 236 but is a good athlete for an OLB. His career numbers are impressive with 246 tackles including 10 sacks. Our friends over at Mocking the Draft have him as one of their eight sleepers.

One issue that he has is playing in the MAC along side another good linebacker. Lynch is a border line NFL player which probably took away some of Martin's stats.

His biggest issue may be his coverage skills. He struggles to cover good pass catching tight ends which is a very important skill to possess.

4. Cameron Stingily-FB, NIU

Yep, you read that right. If Sting wants to make it in the NFL he will have to become a fullback most likely. If you've watched any NIU game over the past two seasons then you know the kind of power he runs with.

His biggest problem is his speed. He ran a 4.95 40 at his Pro Day which makes him unplayable at the running back position.

He also, as far as I can tell, never played the fullback position. This will be quite the transition for him but given his style of running I think he can handle it. Blocking will be something that he has to work on which is why he isn't highly rated.

Given his tape from his days as a Husky though, I have to believe a team will send him a roster invite based on his talent alone.