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2015 NFL Draft: Round 4-7 Open Chat

Quentin Rollins was the sole MAC representative last night, which means that there are plenty of former MAC stars still left on the board. Who will get drafted, and who will have to claw their way to an UDFA contract?

Jahwan Edwards caused quakes in the MAC, but will he get noticed by the NFL?
Jahwan Edwards caused quakes in the MAC, but will he get noticed by the NFL?
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports


In a day filled with #sports, the NFL Draft sees its final four rounds on the television starting at noon today, just before the Kentucky Derby (which I admit, I will be watching in-between picks.) By the way, if you're using the draft to pre-game for the Mayweather-Pacquiao megafight, hit me up so I know where to bring the party. I'll bring something to pass.

Back on the subject, only Quentin Rollins, the former Miami product, was drafted in yesterday's session of the draft, as the 62nd overall pick in the second round to the Packers.

So  just who all is left?  According to our MAC player tracker, the number is literally a lot. Titus Davis, Donald Celiscar, Greg Mancz, and Jean Sifrin are still some of the projected players left to be drafted in the final four rounds.

The most interesting part to watch out for this season, as with any, will cundoubtedly be the undrafted free agency, after the draft as there are plenty of intriguing players that could find some ideal situations if they aren't selected otherwise, including Jahwan Edwards, Leterrius Walton, Junior Sylvestre, Gabe Martin, Da'Ron Brown, Thomas Rawls, Zach D'Orazio, and Jeremiah Detmer.

There are plenty of storylines to watch, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the sports orgy that is about to ensue.