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2015 NFL Draft: Titus Davis signs with the San Diego Chargers

The Wheaton, Ill. product will be taking his talents to San Diego.

Titus Davis will be staring down his defender on the professional level after being drafted by _____.
Titus Davis will be staring down his defender on the professional level after being drafted by _____.
Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Titus Davis was the man in Mt. Pleasant, but he will certainly be a welcome addition to San Diego after being signing a UDFA contract with the Chargers.

Having to follow Antonio Brown is no small feat, but Davis quickly showed that he had the gumption and ability to replace AB27. By the end of his illustrious career, Davis became the only wide receiver in Division 1 history to ever catch 8+ touchdowns in all four seasons of elegibility. Along the way, Davis broke CMU's all-time touchdown record and piled up 980 yards and 13 TD's in an injury-riddled senior season that saw him miss four games. Those numbers over eight games were good enough to finish first in both categories among CMU receivers that entire season.

Over his career, Davis had 204 receptions, 3007 yards, and 37 TD's, incredible numbers for a mid-major receiver that gained most of his numbers with the school's all-time interception leader and a redshirt freshman at the helm for most of his career.

His measurables should be just fine for an NFL-caliber receiver. Davis stands at 6'1", 186 lbs, though he has "small" hands at 8 1/4". A 4.5 40 and 32.5 vertical show the potential for becoming a dependable possession receiver, with a steady knack for racking up some YAC. Davis has excellent footwork and route-running ability, which should help him gain some playing time in certain situations. The one knock on him could be his acceleration, as some NFL scouts see Davis struggling to adjust to NFL-caliber coverage and gain separation in tight situations.

Despite these worries, Davis' tape shows intelligence on the field, and the ability to adjust  on the ball in pressure filled situations.