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Who are the top 70 MAC football players of 2015?

Yes we're crazy, why do you ask?

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago, we announced our first ever Top MAC Football Players countdown. At the time, 68 seemed like an appropriate number since the MAC's 68th birthday was that year. We skipped doing 69 last year due to our own immaturities (sorry, kinda), but we're blank-faced with doing 20 more players than last year.

But hey, why should we have all the fun? Our staff has already started submitting their own ballots so we can publish our series to you, but I think it'd be fun to compare our answers with the readers'. Our countdown will only be 70 players long, but I double-dog dare you to try to make a list of 100. I'm going to do one that long myself because why the heck not!

The first player of our countdown will be announced on June 25, continuing each day until the start of the football season on September 3. Ballots will be accepted until June 10.

Have fun; viva la #MACtion!