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Top 70 MAC Football Players of 2015

Use this as a tracker & open chat while we present the MAC's top 70 football players.

Ron Osentoski (USA TODAY Sports)

Every year, we do a countdown leading up to football season involving the best football players from the Mid-American Conference. The MAC, founded in 1946, will be turning 70 after this athletic season is over with, so for each year of #MACtion, we're going to give you a football player to talk about.

Our countdown to football season will begin on Thursday with the no. 70 player in the MAC, counting down the list, day-by-day, until we get to the season. We'll be updating this table as we go along, and we'll be sure to have some arguments about where players end up on here too.

The Countdown

No. Player POS- School/You'll find out on
70 Khary Bailey-Smith CB- UMass Minutemen
69 Ike Spearman LB- EMU Eagles
68 Anthony Melchiori K/P- Kent State Golden Flashes
67 Devin Bass CB- Ohio Bobcats
66 Nathan Terhune DL- Kent State Golden Flashes
65 Reggie Bell QB- EMU Eagles
64 Trayion Durham RB- Kent State Golden Flashes
63 Devin Campbell RB- Buffalo Bulls
62 Kent Kern LB- Miami RedHawks
61 Colin Reardon QB- Kent State Golden Flashes
60 James Kristof LG- WMU Broncos
59 Rodney Mills TE- UMass Minutemen
58 Daz Patterson RB- Ohio Bobcats
57 Tarell Basham DL- Ohio Bobcats
56 Cooper Rush QB- CMU Chippewas
55 Gehrig Dieter WR- BGSU Falcons
54 KeVonn Mabon WR- Ball State Cardinals
53 Perez Ford DE- NIU Huskies
52 Bryson Albright DE- Miami RedHawks
51 Tony Annese S- CMU Chippewas
50 Ryan Burbrink WR- BGSU Falcons
49 Orion Jones DL- Orion Jones
48 Ron Willoughby WR- Buffalo Bulls
47 Ben Ingle LB- Ball State Cardinals
46 Joe Ostman DL- CMU Chippewas
45 Corey Jones WR- Toledo Rockets
44 Jordan Williams WR- Ball State Cardinals
43 Ronald Zamort CB- WMU Broncos
42 Quinten Poling LB- Ohio Bobcats
41 Jordan Italiano SS- Kent State Golden Flashes
40 Ronnie Moore WR- BGSU Falcons
39 Boomer Mays LB- NIU Huskies
38 Heath Harding DB- Miami RedHawks
37 Tyler Tate K- BGSU Falcons
36 Grant DePalma LB - WMU Broncos
35 Blake Serpa DE- CMU Chippewas
34 Daniel Braverman WR- WMU Broncos
33 Randall Jette DB- UMass Minutemen
32 Phillip Ely QB- Toledo Rockets
31 Ramadan Ahmeti LT- CMU Chippewas
30 Willie Beavers LT- WMU Broncos
29 A.J. Ouellette RB- Ohio Bobcats
28 Darryl Monroe LB- Akron Zips
27 Marlon Moore S- NIU Huskies
26 Alonzo Russell WR- Toledo Rockets
25 Alex Huettel OL- Bowling Green Falcons
24 Great Ibe LB- EMU Eagles
23 Joe Licata QB- Buffalo Bulls
22 Travis Greene RB- Bowling Green Falcons
21 Cody Grice DL/FB- Akron Zips
20 Trent Voss DE- Toledo Rockets
19 Paris Logan CB- NIU Huskies
18 Nick Beamish C- CMU Chippewas
17 Nate Holley FS- Kent State Golden Flashes
16 Tommylee Lewis WR- NIU Huskies
15 Robbie Rhodes WR- BGSU Falcons
14 Andrew Ness C- NIU Huskies
13 Drew Hare QB- NIU Huskies
12 Pat O'Connor DE- EMU Eagles
11 Zach Terrell QB- WMU Broncos
10 Jovan Santos-Knox LB- UMass Minutemen
9 Matt Johnson QB- BGSU Falcons
8 Blake Frohnapfel QB- UMass Minutemen
7 Anthone Taylor RB- Buffalo Bulls
6 Roger Lewis WR- BGSU Falcons
5 Tajae Sharp WR- UMass Minutemen
4 Jatavis Brown LB- Akron Zips
3 Corey Davis WR- WMU Broncos
2 Jarvion Franklin RB- WMU Broncos
1 Kareem Hunt RB- Toledo Rockets