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Top 70 MAC Football Players: #34 Daniel Braverman (WR- Western Michigan Broncos)

Coming in at #34 is Daniel Braverman, one of the most difficult players to tackle in the MAC

Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Daniel Braverman is where solo tackles go to die.

Many words and phrases could be used describe Braverman, but "shifty" seems to be most appropriate for the Junior wide receiver from Florida. If you watch Braverman, the description is fitting. As if being one of the fastest players on the field at any given time didn't already make him one of the most difficult players to bring down, Braverman's creativity and numerous opportunities with the football in space make him a nightmare for any defense. Look no further than his performance versus the Purdue Boilermakers in week one of last season, which turned out to be a reflection of what you got from Braverman all year against every team, not just one with limited game film. The speedy wide receiver caught more passes from Zach Terrell than any other receiver on WMU's roster, which includes Junior standout, Corey Davis.

Braverman does different things with the football than any wide receiver in recent memory for WMU. He is the type of receiver that will frequently run more yards laterally than north-south. Perhaps that's why Braverman hasn't found the end zone all that often - just six times in 2014 - but that's a trade off you're willing to make with Braverman. He's a guy that a coach can always depend on to get large chunks of yardage in a hurry, and is definitely a "nothing into something" type of player. The junior also averages 11.6 yards per catch - impressive considering those jet sweep plays the Broncos constantly run count as receptions.

Braverman's speed will be on full display in 2015 as he looks to be a big part of the Bronco offensive arsenal yet again. While more defenses will key in on Braverman's production from the jet sweep action, P.J Fleck and company will continue find ways to get the ball to their most creative player in space. A wise decision. Braverman will get big opportunities this season and could likely lead the team in receptions once again. What will change is the touchdown total. Expect double digit touchdowns from the junior wide receiver in 2015.

Davis and Jarvion Franklin may often take center stage, but the most exciting player on the field is always Braverman. Defenders shouldn't expect to log many solo tackles against him, and while he may not be viewed by opposing defenses as the most dangerous player on the field without the football, he certainly is with it. Teams must account for his speed on the edge on jet sweeps and his ability to gather yards after the catch. MAC defenses better be sure to limit Braverman's touches this season, lest they be prepared to give up a ton of yardage - and points.

Finally, exciting players tend to find themselves on the receiving end of some pretty wild plays, and no play last year for WMU was more wild than this play, brilliantly recapped by SB Nation's James Dator. While it doesn't count as a reception, or a first down, or lead to anything other than just a field goal for the Broncos, it was still extremely cool. Above all else, Braverman is flat-out entertaining, and rising as one of the best football players in the MAC.