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MAC Football Power Rankings: Rockets, Falcons top two teams after memorable performances

Wait a minute, is Ohio really better than Western Michigan?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

What a weekend!

After one of the best Saturdays in recent #MACtion memory with Bowling Green embarrassing the snot out of Maryland, Toledo outlasting a ranked Arkansas team in Little Rock and Eastern Michigan finally getting its first non-conference road win in 27 years, you know there's bound to be some movement in this week's rankings.

Rank Team Points (First place picks) Preseason Week 1
1 Toledo 15 (9) 1 2
2 Bowling Green 29 (1) 3 4
3 Northern Illinois 30 (2) 2 1
4 Ohio 55 7 7
5 Western Michigan 64 4 3
6 Central Michigan 88 10 9
7 Ball State 90 5 5
8 Buffalo 93 8 8
9 Massachusetts 95 6 6
10 Eastern Michigan 119 13 12
11 Akron 128 9 11
12 Kent State 139 12 13
13 Miami 147 12 10

When you beat a ranked team on the road, you get to slide up to the top spot. When you beat a team with Dan Enos as its offensive coordinator, you've got us making brownies for you too. It wasn't the sexiest game ever, but that's certainly a strong statement made on national television.

Matt Johnson should probably be in the really early discussions for the Heisman race. That's a debate for another time, but he torched Maryland in the second half and led an offense to their second-best offensive day in school history: just 14 yards short of the record. The Huskies slide down to three, but that's more of heavy nod to Toledo and BGSU's performances than anything. There's still room for argument to keep them up top, but they played Murray State this weekend.

Look at Western Michigan though. They played well against Michigan State in their 13-point loss, but what the heck happened to them against Georgia Southern? The Broncos still have a lot of promise and talent, but at 0-2, they were passed in our rankings by Ohio after beating Marshall.

Central Michigan moved up three spots since last week with a 31-10 win over Monmouth, Eastern Michigan moved up three spots since the preseason rankings after a big win over Wyoming, and UMass dropped hard after their offense was unable to hang with Colorado in the season opener.

Let the debates begin!


Voters: Alex Alvarado, Brandon Fitzsimons, Brandon Hickey, James Jimenez, Kaleb Carter, Matthew Gritzmacher, Norman Miller, Justin Coffin, Russ Johnson, Chris Manning, Nick Fries, Matt Hammond