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The B1G-MAC Fantasy Football Challenge: Week 3

Jesse put up almost 150 points last week and still lost in a landslide. That poor guy. Send cookie baskets to Off Tackle Empire and then come hit up the casino with ya boi Alex (me).

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ahoy, gentlepersons. This is the third week of the #B1GMACFantasyChallenge between Jesse of Off Tackle Empire and myself. If you're so two-thousand and late and have no idea what's going on, click here for our introduction as to what the heck is going on here, then click this other link to see the results of the first week and results of the second.

I lost the first matchup and I'd really appreciated if ya'll would stop throwing tomatoes at me because I rebounded oh so valiantly the second time around.

#TeamEmpire (1-1) Pts #TeamHustle (1-1) Pts
QB Tommy Armstrong 22 QB Drew Hare 41
RB Jordan Howard 15.5 RB Damion Jones-Moore 12
RB Justin Jackson 13.5 RB Darius Jackson 23.5
WR Brandon Reily 9.5 WR Kenny Golladay 30
WR DeAngelo Yancey 13 WR Daniel Braverman 24.5
WR Leonte Caroo 7 WR Roger Lewis 39.5
TE Josiah Price 9 TE Ben McCord 17
FLEX Connor Cook 18 FLEX Colin Reardon 25
K Ryan Santoso 13 K Tyler Tate 6
D/ST Penn State 24 D/ST Central Michigan 28
MAC Loser Ball State 5 B1G Loser Michigan State 0



Alex: Jesse, did you see that scoreboard? DID YOU SEE IT? The internet thought Meadville HS went nuts on Friday night but... uh, go me and not you?

Jesse: I'm standing by the fact that I would have beaten your week one team with my week two team. I don't feel good about that as my defense, but getting pantsed by 100 - or what feels like 100 - will do that to a guy.

Alex: Well, I can only savor the flavor for so long. At some point (in three seconds) I've got to start looking at this week. And on a scale from the 2007 National Championship to the 1976 Rose Bowl, how upset do you want to be this week?

Jesse: Your scales are remarkable. I'd like to say that the upset is me losing, but after this week, I can't help but wonder if you're the favorite. What a world we live in. The MAC beating the B1G... Soon those #TeamHustle fans are going to start talking trash, right? I guess that would mean we got this published before like, 9:00 PM.

Alex: *blushes* Oh I bet you say that to all the bloggers.

Well, let me get crackin' on the rosters. GIMME MATT JOHNSON! Two 400-plus yard games, leads the U. S. of A in passing, has a tremendous group of receivers that he knows how to spread the ball around to. And they're playing their first game at home this weekend against Memphis. I'm not even going to see if Memphis is any good against the pass because Johnson is just that good. This is such a safe pick, it's disgusting.

I'm also going to have one of my running backs be Darian Green. He had a tremendous first game against VMI, had almost 100 yards on 11 carries against a ranked Texas A&M team last week, and now he's playing against my Eagles in Week 3. I love my school but we'll find Jimmy Hoffa before that team finds out how to stop the run. #points

The other half of our picks

Not going to lie, I love your running back pick here too.

Jesse: You knew it would be only a matter of time before I started breaking out some of my big guns. While his crop top look was taken away too soon *coughncaaisawetblanketcough* Ezekiel Elliott is #1 in our hearts, and I think it's a matter of time before he goes bananas. To this point, he's been ‘meh' and still is one of the best backs in the B1G. I look forward to seeing what he can do against NIU this week. And to help boost my output, I'm picking a Wisconsin Wide Receiver? Wait, what? That's right, this year has been all about the Badger's passing game so far. How weird is that? That said, Robert Wheelwright has been super impressive, hauling in three TDs already. I like my odds with him against those crazy kids from Troy.

Oh, and as one secret weapon - as in, it's a secret to even me how he'll perform - I'm throwing in my homer pick of the week. At TE, I'm starting Nebraska's Cethan Carter. He's been suspended for two weeks, but he'll be playing in South Beach this weekend, and we could use him having a big game. Let me just call this the, "hoping so very hard for good things" pick. He has the body type to be great, but we're now up to a rocking two catches by TEs this season, so who knows?

So who will you all be passing to this week? Should I be as worried this week as I should have been last week?

Alex: Well luckily for you, I won't be able to keep Roger Lewis on #TeamHustle forever. Luckily for me, Bowling Green is stocked with receivers, which is why I'm going with Gehrig Dieter. This guy is an absolute baller and is one of Johnson's favorite targets when he needs a big play or in need of a first down. Speaking of playmakers, I might as well take Corey Davis too. I know Davis was a non-factor last week at Georgia Southern, but he'll be at home against Murray State this time around. That Bronco team is inspired to execute on all cylinders this weekend and I'm certain he'll make plenty of big plays.

At flex, I'm going to use Joe Licata. If Buffalo Joe is going to end his senior season with a bang like everybody expects and wants him to, he'll have to do so on the road against Florida Atlantic. And if FAU turns the ball over as much as they did last week against Miami (FL), then he'll be getting more opportunities to showcase his arm.

Your receivers were too busy baking cookies last week to compete with my selections. Will your kicker be able to help you out?

Jesse: Hell yes! If the MAC is a place where wonderful things happen from crazy and creative offenses, the Big Ten is where we think the most important scholarship player is the Kicker... Well, the Punter really, but the Kicker is right behind him. So, I'm throwing Indiana's Griffin Oakes, who sounds like a MMA fighter or like, the bad kid in a terribly awesome sports movie from my childhood. Anyhow, he is coming off of a 3 out of 4 week with three XPs. I like his chances against the Hilltoppers.

If I'm happy about Kickers, how about you being happy about... defense? I mean, it's something, right?

Alex: Dude. Ohio. That team has a defense. After holding Marshall to 10 points last week and seeing that they play SE Louisiana this week, I think this defense is just going to get to that quarterback way too much for them to handle. This defense hasn't taken them to the promise land of Detroit, but now's a good time to tune into how good this team is on that side of the ball, even if it is against an FCS team.

And your MAC loser of the week is...?

Jesse: I feel like I'm picking on the Huskies... but come on. Northern Illinois has their hands full with the Buckeyes. I think this is my best chance of them losing, so that's what I'm going with. I would like to point out that I'm 2 for 2 on these. I'm like, some sort of vision type person with this thing... or you all have been playing up. Either way.


Alright team, bring it in. See those misfits in the Black and Red blogiforms? Well let's give 'em the ole freshman treatment of shoving them in lockers and give them wedgies from the top of the flag pole and whatever you kids do for harmless fun.

Go #TeamHustle!